Friday, March 16, 2012

Happy Birthday Meeko!

Meeko is two years old today. I made a collage of photos to commemorate the occasion because there aren't enough words to describe how much I love him!

Chloé and I just took him to the pet store to choose a birthday gift. He chose a plush animal and a rope toy. He was very excited about both and ran around with them for a few minutes.  Now he is chewing on a stick. You know, the free kind that you get outdoors.  So much for shopping.

I wanted a dog forever (we always had a dog when I was growing up) but not everyone in my family felt the same way. I waited a long time for this dog. I'm happy to say that this furry, mischievous boy has won everyone's heart. (He had mine from the start.) He is smart. He is goofy. He is joyful. It's a pretty wonderful combination.

He's changed a little bit since this photo was taken but those eyes haven't.


  1. Again, Happy Birthday sweet Meeko !
    I had to laugh about the free kind of stick ahahah
    (like children & a cardboard or something similar !)
    Have a nice weekend Kathleen, Meeko & family !

    1. That's exactly what I was thinking last night Sonia! You can give a toddler a present you think they will love and they will spend the afternoon playing with the box it came in. Have a good weekend too. :)

  2. Happy birthday - give him a kiss on the nose from me! :-)

  3. Replies
    1. Can't believe how tiny he was back then!

  4. Oh he's so cute, I love him. I love all dogs! It's Crufts right now over here, I haven't seen it yet though? I have loved dogs all my life, much like you!I think I will always have a dog...just something about them. I think somewhere in my past history I remember a tale of an uncle who was an artist, went to live in New York, and left all his money to a dogs home??????? I must try and find out if this is true? Is Meeko a Wheaten terrier? I've forgotten what you said. My pooch was 12 on the 3rd March, he had a whole Bonio for breakfast, He normally has part, then I hid biscuits in a cardboard box, he had to find them :) It took a while..? Who couldn't fall for that puppy of yours, just adorable! X
    Ooh also, bought a print from Jodie? Nest and butterflies, it is one of my birthday treats, along with a Geninne print, can't wait for them to come now! It's nice collecting these pieces of art. X

    1. I'm such a dog-lover too. We had them growing up and then I became an 'aunt' to all of the dogs in my extended family before getting Meeko. That's a wonderful story about your long lost uncle. You should try to find out more! Happy belated birthday to your pooch. And yes Meeko is a wheaten.

      Happy birthday to you too! A print from Jody and Geninne--now that's a lovely gift! xx


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