January 13, 2014

Out with the Old, In with the New

I decided to start the new year with a major clean-up of my studio. Major. I promised myself not just to tidy up my painting table but also to deal with the piles of papers everywhere, the boxes of frames, the collections, the whatever (as I've lost track of what everything is).

I have been working on it the past week and I have made progress. I cleared everything off my bookshelf and rearranged things. I've gone through my nature collections and picked out my favourite things for display.

I attached some of my heart rocks to a frame. I hot-glued them right on to the glass. I love how it looks and we'll see if the rocks manage to stay attached.

I've sorted through my stacks of paintings. I finally framed the portrait I did of Meeko months ago. I've framed other things too--my own work and work I've purchased from other artists.

I've moved things from my painting table so that I can have more space. Last night, I was feeling pretty discouraged. I'm tired. Tired of cleaning and just plain old tired. There is a still a lot to go through and I was feeling like giving up. I'd rather be painting but I will stick with this. I figure a few more days and my studio will be in better shape than it has been in years and I'll benefit from it in the months ahead.

Here's hoping that your new year has started in a positive way.



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