August 19, 2016

Meeko and the Morning Glories

Wheaten terrier and morning glories (Photo by Kathleen Maunder of

Meeko and the morning glories. Ha! I think that would be a good name for a band!

These morning glories reseeded themselves from last year. As they've grown, I've guided them towards the little fence that backs the flower bed. They've twirled and curled around the wire and look so pretty.

I didn't grow morning glories for a couple of years when Meeko was a pup. In those days, he couldn't pass a plant without trying to take a bite and morning glories can make dogs sick. Now he ignores most plants except for grass so I'm able to grow morning glories in my garden again.

The blue-purple of these flowers is one of my favourite colours. I love any warm blue tone. The morning glories have created the perfect backdrop to the light blue salvia. I love when the garden leads the way.

Morning glories and salvia (photo by Kathleen Maunder of Trowel and Paintbrush)

There is something very special about morning glory blooms. I think they look like little lanterns, almost as if the light was coming from within them. So very beautiful!

Morning glory photo by Kathleen Maunder of Trowel and Paintbrush

Morning glory photo by Kathleen Maunder of Trowel and Paintbrush

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