December 9, 2011

Walking in the Snowflakes

Mister Meeko and I went for a walk in the snowflakes.  It's quite mild today, so the walk was a little bit wet but quite enjoyable.  Very pretty too.

It didn't start out entirely smoothly. I got to the park and realized that my camera didn't have a memory card in it so we went back to the house.  I'm so absentminded lately. Meeko was a little surprised to be returning home so quickly.

Mr. Snowflake.  Did anyone notice the little hair trim in time for Christmas?
Once I had my memory card, I took quite a few photos.  Unfortunately, I couldn't use about half of them as they were out of focus.  Yes, I forgot to bring my glasses again. It's also complicated taking photos with a dog on a leash. Meeko is very good about stopping.  He's getting used to that.  But while I am taking my time composing my photo, he's thinking, 'While she's doing this, why don't I just go waaaay over here and sniff that.'

I did manage to get quite a few pretty photos.  In a few photos, you can see white lines.  They are the snowflakes falling.

The one below is without a doubt my favourite. I guess those are snowflake drops? It wasn't raining.

And finally, we got back from our snowy, wet walk.  Both Meeko and I have naturally curly hair that gets curlier when it is rainy or snowy. (I guess owners do resemble their dogs!) Here's my curly boy at the end of our walk.  You're just going to have to imagine what I looked like. :)

The photo is a little hazy as by this time my lens was a bit wet!
Have a good weekend in the sun or the snow, the warm or the cold, depending on where you live!


  1. It seems I can breethe deeper, looking at your beautiful photos, thanks for the walk out of this awful parisian pollution.

  2. Your can really notice the cold and wet air in your pictures!! they are beautifull!!

  3. Lucile--You can come for a walk with me and Meeko any day! :)

    Karin--Thank you!

  4. Anonymous3:51 PM EST

    I really wonder how you ever manage to take photos with a dog on the leash ! I wouldn't manage ! Meeko must be a very good boy :)
    I love the one with the mushrooms & the one with the samaras, but they're all wonderful, really.
    Have a great weekend

  5. Hi - first time here, I love these pics! :-)

  6. Sonia--Meeko is a good boy...most of the time. Photography with him can be challenging but he provides a wonderful reason to be out in nature every day. I love the word samara (thank you for teaching me it). I know them as keys. :)

    Tinajo--So nice of you to drop by. Thank you!

  7. absolutely gorgeous photographs kathleen.
    You were asking about my macro lens. It is a sigma macro lens.

  8. Haha - yes, small cousin would be the right thing to call her! :-)

  9. Your photos are lovely, and especially those of sweet Meeko! I have my new camera (thanks to you for your helpful guidance), and can't wait to get out and begin playing with it. I want to thank you too, for that lovely song, It Snowed Last Night. I loved listening to it, and will head over to itunes and add it to my holiday library.
    You are a treasure :o)
    x, Val

  10. Margie--Thanks for the lovely compliment and the lens info.

    Tinajo--I bet they'd have fun together. Nice blog btw!

    Val--What a lovely thing to say. xx


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