Monday, December 12, 2011

For Ginger

Well I guess life won't throw you one curve ball when it can throw you two.  I got a very sad email from my parents saying that they had to say goodbye to their 12-year-old (almost 13) Golden Retriever today.  Ginger was operated on this past summer for a tumour and bounced back rather beautifully. Unfortunately it returned recently and in a way that did not leave treatment options.

You know the old adage 'A picture is worth a thousand words'? You just have to look at the above photos sent by my Mom and Dad to know the dog that Ginger was.
Ginger was a gentle soul, a worrier (oh my, did she worry) and a devoted companion.  She was beside herself when my father went anywhere without her. She did not like when anyone was in the lake--kind of a difficult attitude for a cottage dog. She loved her people and they loved her. She liked being with the other dogs whenever there were family gatherings and was always a very gracious host.

Ginger and I developed a special bond this past summer when she realized that I always have dog treats in my pockets (a necessity for the owner of a wayward puppy).  All of a sudden, she was trying to outspeed the younger family dogs when I asked for a 'Sit' or 'Lie Down'.  It was pretty cute.

Marlowe, Ginger and Meeko.  Not in the photo: Mabel.
A huge hug to my Mom, Dad and sister Karen.  Ginger was so loved and well cared for.

And if they could be there with you right now to offer a little canine comfort, I know that her buddies Meeko, Marlowe (my brother's family dog) and Mabel (my sister's family dog) would be.

I think it is hard to hear of a pet dying without feeling the weight of all past pets.  So in this moment, my thoughts are with Ginger but also our childhood dogs Peppi, Mitzi and Toby, my cat Mackenzie King and my sister Karen's cat Whiskers.  I give thanks to all pets everywhere for the wonderful comfort and companionship they bring us.

Until one has loved an animal, a part of one's soul remains unawakened.
Anatole France

*  *  *  *  *

I wanted to close this post with four lovely photos kindly sent to me by Émilie who is from Brittany, France. As she said, these rainbows are not in the sky but they are beautiful all the same. Beautiful indeed.

Mucha stained glass in Prague, Czech Republic
Windows in Manchester cathedral
Painted horse in Rotterdam
Cathedral in Jumièges, Normandie
When I look at these photos, they say to me that rainbows are all around us.  We just have to look for them to find them.  And I guess on some days it may be a little harder to see them.  Merci Émilie!

Thank you to all my blog readers for your kindness and thoughtfulness. You warm my heart.


  1. lots of love from here
    émilie aka la marmotte
    and the cats Titigre, Timinou, Graphite and Guinness (yes.. she's black...)

  2. big hugs from north of toronto

  3. Mom and Dad9:18 AM EST

    Thanks for the lovely and comforting words, Kathy. We are sad but doing okay today although the house seems very quiet without Ginger. Just one inaccuracy - Ginger was just six weeks short of her 13th birthday!

  4. Mom and Dad--I've made the correction to her age in the post. I'm glad you are doing okay today. xo

    Emilie & Margie--Thanks for the love and hugs directed to my Mom, Dad and sister Karen.

  5. How heartbreaking. She looks like such a sweet and delightful friend.

  6. Hi Kathleen,
    your blog keeps disappearing from my 'blogs I follow' list?? I've had to put it in a few times now? aaagh! Anyway, what a beautiful post, a lovely dog. Lots of lovely dogs in fact, I am such a big dog fan. It is so sad that they can't live longer.My doggy is 11, will be 12 in March, he's got lots of grey hair (Black Lab). When you think back to the wonderful love there was there, still is, try not to be so sad, Ginger will have had the best life I'm sure! Give yourselves a big hug, it works! Love to all the doggy people. X

  7. Lisa and Julie--Thank you for your sensitive words. I know my Mom and Dad will appreciate them.

  8. Anonymous3:44 PM EST

    so sorry to hear that, Kathleen
    sending warm hugs & caring thoughts from southern France

  9. Oh, such a sweet face on Ginger, her love shines right through. It took me a very long time to build up enough emotional strength before I could get my dog, Lola. I know it sounds strange, but when I measure 12-13 years against the love you receive from a dog, and just how quickly the time passes.... one must be strong indeed, or own many dogs! We just need to enjoy every day. My love to all who are missing sweet Ginger.
    x, Val

  10. Valerie--Your words are so true--love and loss go hand in hand. But what a loss to not know the love of an animal--a love so amazing and pure. Ginger was a sweet soul for sure.


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