Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Come Walk With Me

I've spent most of the last two days on the computer trying to improve my relationship with Photoshop and my printer. I might need a therapist on this one. My family will vouch for the fact that I am definitely in a better mood on the days that I paint.  I literally floated after finishing my little chickadee painting on Sunday. Gravity and I have had a closer relationship the past couple of days. :)  

It occurred to me that it might be a good idea to take an extra long walk today with Meeko and my new camera.  Fresh air and focusing on nature can be a good way of recharging the batteries (and avoiding complete insanity).  Come along with me and Meeko.  Despite the grey clouds, it was a very pretty walk.  I was astonished by the life and colour that is still in our neighbourhood and my garden this late in the season.

I call this photo 3M (the m's stand for mushrooms, macro and Margie, the owner of a beautiful blog that involves all three!).  Hey Margie, I got my knees wet taking it!

Aren't these golden cutleaf maple leaves beautiful? I saw them a couple of days ago and didn't have my camera with me.

Meeko decided they were the perfect backdrop for a modelling session. He was very intrigued by some noisy ravens which helped him stay in place.

This maple leaf was just waiting on the pathway for a photo.

Back in our garden now.  Guess who's been eating my beautiful crabapples? (Shameless, isn't he?)

Apparently they are delicious.  Actually I am surprised that there are that many of them left on the tree as this is a regular snack.  If I go into the yard and ask him what bad things he has been doing in my garden, he joyfully runs to my crabapple tree to show me. (I don't think he understands the weight of adjectives.)

I found this verbena still flowering in its pot.

This is a gorgeous oak-leaved hydrangea shrub which has never flowered for me in eleven years.  I can forgive it for that when it gives me an autumn display like this.

I couldn't believe it when I saw how alive and well the diascia was.  This pot is not visible from the house.  It's a great annual if you're ever looking for one that is frost hardy and doesn't complain about being in the shade or sun.  It also comes in pink and white.

My delight in finding the pockets of colour is because most of my garden right now is the colour above--brown.  I am one of those messy gardeners who leaves most of the perennials in place until the springtime.  It may not look beautiful but the birds appreciate it. The chickadees and goldfinches will enjoy the echinacea seeds in the months ahead.  I love watching them tip the stems with their weight as they harvest the seeds.

Notice the leaf in Meeko's hair (wheatens have hair, not fur).  He comes into the house regularly with the evidence of his activities attached to him. Not a clever criminal. But cute.

These are crabapples from my Sir Lancelot tree, a sweet, small crabapple that gives just enough height to provide us with privacy from the back neighbours  (when it has its leaves of course).

There are many violas still blooming in my square foot garden that is normally a vegetable plot.  I can't wait to show it to you in the springtime. It's an efficient and pretty way to grow vegetables in a small yard. Actually the classic method is more efficient than pretty, so I added the 'pretty' to my method.  That way, it appeals to both the left and right sides of my brain (which is important to me)!

Remember this little guy?  My alyssum growing in the crack of our front steps made it to the end of the season!  I think it may be be hugging the oak leaf for warmth. :)

Thanks for joining me on my walk.  It did me a lot of good.

I hope to do some more painting this week. I appreciate all of the warm and encouraging comments about my recent paintings. I hold your comments to my heart.

It occurred to me this week that when I write about my painting, I lose the garden, nature and dog enthusiasts.  When I write about my garden and nature, I may lose the art lovers. When I write about Meeko, I lose the not-so-crazy-about-dogs readers. (He's going to have a hard time believing that one!)  I hope it all makes sense over time as they are all things that are part of me and my life.  I appreciate you coming here to share them. 


  1. i think the balance you have attained here is just perfect between art, meeko and garden. Don't change a thing:)

  2. fortunately for me, i love gardens, dogs and art.
    although, i have to say, Meeko is too too cute!

  3. Margie--Thank you! I'm too close to it to have perspective.

    Barbara--I'll let Meeko know what you said. :)

  4. Hi Kathleen, Your garden and your walk is a real delight for crazy urban girls, thanks for the peaceful mood, your photos are gorgeous !
    I am not a dog lover but Meeko is soooo cute !
    Keep on the wonderful job !

  5. Lucile--Thanks! I've already told you that I envy the fact that you live in Paris. I gaze at the photos on your blog with the same sense of delight!

  6. I've found you again via Geninnes art blog and now I'm following you! I Love your art LOVE your garden, LOVE your dog, LOVE your blog. I shall take time to visit you and your past posts, because thay are delightful. I've also linked up to resurrection fern thanks to you!

  7. Julie--Thanks so much! So very nice of you.

    You will enjoy resurrection fern. It is a blog full of gentleness and beauty. :)

  8. Anonymous3:51 PM EST

    sorry I haven't been much around recently
    Meeko is so darn cute, I wonder if he'd get along with my cat Gary ;-)
    have a lovely weekend !

  9. Sonia--Hi! I think Meeko might adore Gary, but he also would drive Gary crazy. Gary seems very mellow and calm and Meeko is the exact opposite! :)

  10. Your blog is delightful, and though I'm a fan of gardens and watercolors, that Meeko has stolen my heart! What a comic-slash-bad boy! I have a dog named Lola. She's a Portuguese Water Dog, and her best buddy is a Wheaton named Jake. They are two peas in a pod when they play together. I love what you have to share :o)
    x, Val

  11. Valerie--What a beautiful start to my day to find your comment here. You have Meeko figured out! He is a clown and definitely a bad boy but manages to be a sweetheart too so it all kind of evens out. He would love to have a romp with Lola and Jake!


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