Monday, November 14, 2011

My Little Chickadee

It was a pretty quiet weekend--lots of homework being done in our house.  I took advantage of the quiet time to paint.  I haven't painted many birds before.  I did a painting of a snow bunting earlier this year but I wasn't happy with it.  I decided to try again and I'm glad I did.

The chickadee is one of my favourite visitors to our backyard.  It is a polite, delicate and joyful bird.  I find the sight and sound of it to be uplifting.

I did this painting on a paper I've never used before.  It's actually paper that is mounted on a thick board (Crescent Watercolour Board).  I normally paint on textured cold press paper but this paper is hot press and therefore has a very smooth surface.

Maybe it was the new paper. Maybe it was because I am constantly inspired by the gorgeous bird paintings of Geninne and some of her beautiful 'birdieness' has rubbed off on me. :) Whatever the reason, I think it turned out!

I just might have to give that snow bunting painting another try.


  1. I,m very glad you tried to paint a bird again!! it,s spectacular!! so realistic. congrats! (sorry my english is bad, hope you,ll understand)

  2. i was just enjoying the chickadees and their activities yesterday morning and thinking to myself that they are my favorite birdies in my garden

  3. Karin--Your English is perfectly fine and what you wrote was very nice. Thank you. (I wouldn't be able to leave a comment in Spanish on your blog! By the way, your art is very cool.)

    Margie--We love them here too. They are sweet birds.

  4. Being a bird artist myself, I can safely say that this is AWESOME!

    I always paint on Illustration board (watercolour board), which is HP. No warping, no stretching required. I even give it a lick of gesso for added protection where I think I'll be scrubbing back the watercolour.

    We are inundated with noisy, screechy Rainbow Lorrikeets outside the bedroom windows each morning. The previous owners of our home planted a weeping mulberry there and it's like manna from heaven for nectar loving birds.

    Very pretty to look at, but no more sleep-ins past 4.30am when it's getting light.....

    More birdy paintings please!!

  5. Cindy--Thank you so much for your lovely comments!! They mean a lot to me.

    I just looked up lorikeets and they are gorgeous! What a shame that they are screechy. Maybe you should harvest the mulberries and make pie? :)

    I'll definitely use the board again. It's fun to try new things.

  6. Beautiful work Kathleen, love the details in your paintings!

  7. Ambika--Thanks for visiting my blog. Thanks as well for the nice comment on my paintings.


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