January 8, 2013

Home Again

Yes, the lord and master is in! If you wondered who ruled the roost...oh, you probably knew. :) We are home again.

Our holidays are never very restful. Neither of our families live near us so we drive a lot. We spent the weekend just before Christmas in Trois-Rivières to see my husband's family and then returned for a few days here. And then we were off for over a week in Ontario to visit my family and stayed in three different houses! We lived like gypsies. It was great. We'll recuperate after the holidays, right?

The day before we left for Ontario, we had a record snowfall in Montreal. We had 45 centimeters in one day! Montrealers are used to a lot of snow (although maybe not that much in one day) so it was dealt with admirably.

I haven't really had the time to go through my photos from our holidays, but I needed to post something--just so you knew I was still around. :)

I found the perfect thing. Emma took some gorgeous photos of our fireplace this weekend. It's a bit like cloud-watching. There are amazing shapes and figures visible in the flames.

This one blows my mind. Can you see the female figure?
Really quite mesmerizing! I love our fireplace. We had a gas fireplace at first but it didn't feel natural and I was having a lot of asthma problems with it. The natural wood-burning fireplace has been much better and it is so much more interesting to look at. A beautiful part of the winter season.

Chloé went back to school today. Emma doesn't go back until the 21st. I will slowly drift back into a more regular routine. Can't wait to paint again.


  1. Hello, hello , Hello, I was just about to send out a search party, wondered where you were, sounds like you've had a lovely time, hope so. the flames are beautiful. I love a real fire, we grew up with one, but don't have one now. might do before long. My Mac has arrived, I'm slowly getting used to it, too many passwords and signing in for this and that...teething probs. Oh well, here's to an exciting, healthy and happy new year! :)

    1. Ha! I was buried in snow...well, more like buried in holiday madness. Always nice to emerge at the other end in January with the promise of a new year. I hope you have a lovely year, Julie.

      I so know what you mean. I was trying to get my Mac to communicate with my PC printer. We were in password hell for a while. Don't you hate when equipment you own keeps asking you for passwords? Arg! But I love it aside from that. Also got it to recognize my iTunes library finally, so I am making progress.

  2. Sounds like you had busy holidays. Love the pictures of the fire and I do see the female figure. Happy painting. Take care and have a wonderful week.

  3. Mesmerizing is the word that came to my mind !
    You're right, it's exactly like cloud watching, you could totally stare at both a fire or clouds, for hours & hours. Natural elements are so amazing, aren't they ?
    PS: the photos are totally amazing, well done Emma !!


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