October 11, 2012


There are butterflies everywhere lately. In the garden. Along pathways. In fields. It makes for wonderfully lively walks. Add to that swirling leaves. Autumn is bursting with movement and colour.

I was very lucky to get a few photos of these gorgeous butterflies (Painted Lady or Vanessa cardui) when they visited my garden a week ago. They are very shy and would flit away as soon as I got anywhere near them. I finally ran into the house and got my long-range lens. It's so heavy that I had to stay very, very still and try not to shake (no time to run and get my tripod) but I am so happy with how these photos turned out. I have never painted a butterfly before. I am definitely going to try one.
And then I found this beautiful quote:

The butterfly is a flying flower,
The flower is a tethered butterfly.

Ponce Denis Échouchard Lebrun (translation)

No wonder I love them both.

A special note:  With these butterfly images, I am also sending love to my brother-in-law Alan, sister Nancy and nieces Erica and Sydney. Alan's brother Mark passed away this week at the age of 50 from melanoma. We are thinking about you all. Mark's obituary recounted his life as a pilot but mostly as a husband, involved citizen and devoted dad of three girls. It ended with this simple, poignant message: wear sunscreen.


  1. I'm so sorry for this loss, Kathleen. 50 is too young to die. :(
    I saw the photos on Flickr & wow, did you get amazing details, you must have not shaken at all, it was very good !!!
    A very beautiful quite as well !

  2. Such a touching post, Kathleen!
    Those photos are so crisp and vibrant. Good job holding steady! Now that I've begun drinking coffee, I find I'm not as steady with the camera as I used to be. LOL
    Can't wait to see your butterfly painting :)

    1. I drink lots of coffee so that can't be it. ;) Can't wait to paint period. Today was a cleaning, catch-up day. I hope to paint tomorrow morning. Leaves or butterfly. Not sure.

  3. Wonderful photos... sad story... I'm sorry Kathleen, it's hard letting go of the love ones. Very touching post...

  4. Lovely photos and poem Kathleen.I am so sorry for your loss,such a young man really.xx

  5. Lovely images, love F.

  6. I´m sorry for your loss - 50 is so young. :-(

    Beautiful butterfly photos.

  7. So true about the flowers & butterflies!

    Such beautiful images Kathleen. Next time you're making out your Christmas list, ask Santa for Image Stabilized lenses - no more blurry photos ever!

    Melanoma is often called the "Australian Cancer" as it is so rampant here. I know so many who are struggling even after they have the cancer & lymph nodes out. Yes - be sunsmart!

    1. Alan and Mark's Dad comes from Perth, Australia and they still have family there.

      Thanks for the tip about lenses.

  8. amazing captures. I am obsessed with butterflies :)

    1. Thank you. They are beautiful creatures.

  9. Beautiful butterflies Kathleen, I think they made a late appearance everywhere. Very sad news about that poor man, so awful,it's far too young. I shall be aware of putting on the sunscreen, if we get any sun here. It's so easy to get caught out with that. :)


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