Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Mama's Bear

I painted this bear many years ago.  I borrowed it so many times from Emma's room for my painting sessions that she started referring to it as 'Mama's bear'.

Most of the stuffed toys in our house have now been given away, shoved to the back of closets or moved to the basement (a sort of holding ground as decisions are made as to whether to part with old fluffy friends). This little fellow however has an ongoing place of honour in our guest room.

Yesterday, I worked at converting my original painting to a print. When Emma and Chloé came home, they both thought I had the original in my hands.  I think Teddy approves too. He is going into my Etsy shop this morning.

Here are two other animals I am very fond of:  Monkey and Meeko.


  1. I love that last pic - such a super sweet couple! :-)

  2. so jealous of all your lovely snow
    you daughter is so beautiful

    1. That photo was taken a few days ago. We have so much less now. It has been melting for the past two days. I will tell Chloé what you said. :)

  3. Gorgeous! Just like out of a children's book!

    Those two other critters are lovely as well - keep warm!

    1. Thanks Cindy! What a nice thing to say. And, yes, you'd be surprised at the lovely critters we have here in Quebec. :) Keep cool!


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