Friday, January 13, 2012

Living With Danger

We had snow overnight but we are now in the middle of freezing rain--a good reason to stay inside even if it wasn't Friday the 13th.  The task I've assigned myself this morning is to clear the stairway to my loft studio.  My 'Entrée des artistes' is a little bit 'dangereuse'.

It has a collection of mailing paraphernalia, frames, printing materials and art supplies.  Let's see. What else can we see in my photo?  A beautiful teatowel from Bookhou that was far too pretty to put anywhere other than on a wall. (I will have to show you my lovely Bookhou collection some day.)  Dogs toys on their way to my sewing machine in the loft to be repaired. And, oh yes, a Magic 8 Ball because you just never know when you might need to ask a question.

O, wondrous Magic 8 Ball, should I clear the stairway to my loft today?

Oh no, this can't be good. The Magic 8 Ball seems to be broken.  I can't even see its answer. On Friday the 13th.  I might need to go back to bed.


  1. lovely to have a bookhou siting in your home
    did I ever tell you how much I like your blog banner
    stay safe

  2. Arounna--Your Bookhou towel/wall art is a shining light to me as I climb those loft stairs (and they will be clean!). :) I will do a whole blog post someday on all of the beautiful Bookhou things we own here. Thank you for saying that about my banner. That means so much to me.♥

  3. Ooh gosh, that looks organised to me? It takes quite a bit of doing having everything ready to post for your shop! I have been manic this past 2 weeks and things have spread out of my workroom, everywhere! I daren't take a photo of my mess....aaaagh! Got to work all weekend too, but then I will try and tidy...honest

  4. Julie--It doesn't feel neat as I teeter up the stairs. Glad I'm not the only one to spread things around as I work. Good luck with all of your work. The nice side of that is it means you are very much in demand. :)

  5. i am not at all superstitious , in the 2percent that isn;t according to the cbc radio today but i had to get gas this morning and the machine wouldn't give me back my credit card.
    I had to wait patiently in the freezing cold until a man with a screw driver and a pair of scissors came to free it.

  6. Margie--Tell a superstitious person that story, Margie, and all they can do is smile knowingly. :)

  7. Anonymous7:58 AM EST

    ahah I love your sense of humour, Kathleen :)
    Arounna & John make the best things, don't they ? So nice to see this towel in your home :)
    Be safe, keep toasty & enjoy your weekend !

  8. Sonia-- :) We are in love with Bookhou here. The snow is quite lovely here right now. The freezing rain only lasted a little while. There's actually a bit of sun this morning. I need to get my camera out!


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