Saturday, December 3, 2011

The Rainbow is Growing

Here's a rainbow that stretches from my paintbox to Lake Muskoka where my mom lives.  My daughters Chloé and Emma are working on paintings that might get added tomorrow.

For anyone wondering what all these rainbows mean, I can say this.  My mom is going through something very difficult.  I got the news Tuesday night and then woke up to a beautiful rainbow on Wednesday morning.  As my youngest daughter said to me, 'You saw it as a sign because that's what you do.'  She knows her mom. :)

I posted the photo of the rainbow I saw with a message to my mom and she appreciated it.  Then my friends Lucile and Julie forwarded rainbow photos of their own for me to post for her (see the previous post). My mom appreciated them too. So if there can be a little hope and encouragement provided from here while she really needs it, it seems only right to add a few more rainbows. 


  1. Ohh... if I can take a picture from a rainbow I,ll send it to you for your mom! Your rainbow painting is so sweet!

    Sorry that I haven,t answer your comments but I have problems with blogger! hope I can do it this time! Have a nice weekend!

  2. Karin--Thanks for your nice comments about my painting. If you did find a picture to send me, you can send it to my email address kathleenmaunder at gmail dot com.

    A lot of people have trouble with comments and Blogger. The solution I found was to not check the box that asks if you want to stay signed in. It seemed like an odd solution but it worked.

  3. i hope the challenges your mom is going through are finding their way towards the bright bath you have created. I love your painting.


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