Monday, December 5, 2011

A rainbow from another paintbox

And here's a pretty rainbow painted by my niece Katie for her grandmother. Thanks Katie. I'm certain she will love it. I have to say that your painted rock is amazing!  There are lots of artists in our family--particularly among the younger members.


  1. Lovely rainbow, they are quite tricky to paint. I opened the curtains to a rainbow this morning, set against a dark blue sky, rushed to get the camera, but it had gone, sky was blue, and hail and snow falling, SNOW ! YEP! ooooh cold. I once painted some rainbows, will see if I can find them. Like all the rainbow projects.

  2. Julie--That sounds like spectacular weather!

  3. That takes me back - I used to fill whole pads of paper with rainbows when I was little. Usually above horses or swans, or both!

    She is an artist well and truly!

  4. Julie and Cindy--My niece Katie will be thrilled that two professional artists complimented her work. I think she has a gift too. :)


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