Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow

The wall of snow arrived this morning.  My little viola seems to be bowing down to the inevitability of it all.  I don't mind.  I found myself singing 'Let it snow' the other day when I was walking Meeko.

Someone was quite happy about this morning's condition. It's not his first winter but he looked a little surprised when we opened the back door.

Then he did what we refer to as the 'weasel run'.  This is a wild, high speed run that he does back and forth from one side of the yard to the other, running precariously close to hard, jutting objects and incorporating as many fancy airborne moves as are possible.  I caught part of it with my camera.  Thanks to Meeko, I was able to test out the action function of my new camera. :)

It's not just the furry kids who are happy today.  The snow is that lovely packable kind.  School kids will be having a ball today. My two are in high school.  They said 'Oh no' when they looked out the window, but they were in a cheerful mood this morning. I guess we are all still young kids at heart.

Have a good day.  Safe travels if you are in the States moving towards a family celebration.  I'll announce a sale in my Etsy store later today.

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  1. He looks really joyfull Meeko, made me laugh to see him whizzing round!:)) OOh snow though, hope it's not coming this way?? It's lovely as it falls, and makes everything so pristine and clean and quiet etc, I could do that bit, then it's very nice when it quickly goes and doesn't stay to make an ice rink of a normal walk. My pooch still gets mesmirised by the snow, he's 11 nearly 12. :)

  2. Julie--Joyful is a good way to describe him. I used to hibernate like a bear in winter but Meeko gets me out every day. I use cleats on the icy days but we're not there yet.

  3. How beautiful ! You know what ? I saw flowers on a tree in Paris this morning ! very strange. I love your dog and photos :)

  4. Lucile--Ha! Meeko has converted another non-dog lover!?!

    What a lovely thing to see--a flower on a tree in November. I wonder what kind of tree. Perhaps a confused tree?

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. ...where's spellcheck when you need it... :)

    Aw those are great photos. Meeko looks so happy I'm sure Mabel wishes she could run around with him. She does more of a rabbit hop than a weasal run but you know they are the best of friends (as long as Meeko does what he is told) and have the best of times. :)

    I'm still kind of glad we don't have snow yet although I know it's soon.

  7. Nance--That would be fun to see them together. Just came back from my walk with Meeko. He was so happy. Actually everyone looks happy today. Something about the first snow of the season. I passed one house and a little girl was outside with her dad. She shouted to me 'Hey look at my new shovel!'

  8. Meeko made me laugh!! my dogs do the same, and it is so funny to see them running arround the garden, but sadly with no snow!!! here it snows barely, so we we don,t see pictures like your garden!! Thank you for sharing!

  9. Karin--That's funny that your dogs do the same thing outside. It used to make me very nervous as I was sure he was going crash headfirst into a tree or wall (he moves so fast!) but he seems to have it all figured out. :)

  10. Snow!? I can hardly believe it. We've had the windows open all week at home.

    Lovely photos! That new camera must be FANTASTIC as the action shots of Meeko are quite impressive! Thanks for the Thanksgiving wishes.

    Keep warm!
    Cullen, Oliver & Topher too

  11. co&tt--Thank you for the lovely comments on the photos. Yes, I think it's a great camera and look forward to knowing it better. You should have seen the photographer in those shots (outside in the backyard in her pajamas and winter boots before her first cup of coffee!)Have a good holiday.

  12. meeko looks so at home in the snow
    all he needs is a little sled

  13. Margie--Maybe with some reindeer antlers? :)

    (I don't think I'd want to be in the sled though, he goes so darn fast!)

  14. Anonymous3:47 PM EST

    omg he lookes soooo thrilled and your photos are so darn good, great job Kathleen !! I really hope we'll get one little single day of snow this year. Last year we didn't get any & it made me a little sad !

  15. Sonia--I'm having fun with my new camera. I just looked up where you live. I didn't realize how far south Montpellier was. Seems like a very interesting city--lots of history.


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