October 23, 2011

Moody Autumn Afternoon

I went for a walk with Meeko and my daughter ChloĆ© this afternoon.  It's kind of a grey and moody day here.  These photos were taken around 3:00 p.m. so it gives you a sense of how dark it is today.  There is actually snow in the forecast in the week ahead, not much, but any at all is too much at this point of the year. I guess it's best to get out and enjoy the autumn landscape before everything is covered with snow.

Can you tell which way the wind blows around here?
We both brought our cameras, so some of these photos are taken by me and some by my all-star daughter.  It was not the normally fast-paced walk that I usually take with Meeko but he seemed perfectly happy to be part of the photo crew.

I took a photo of our columnar crabapple tree looking up.  I think it has a Halloween feel to it. Maybe there should be a raven perched at its top. And finally, I took a macro photo with a special surprise.  I had no idea there was a bug on one of the crabapples until I viewed the photo on my computer screen. Boo!

Have you noticed a big change to the look of my blog?  I changed the header yesterday and I feel better that it is now my artwork at the top of the page.  When I started my blog in August, I used one of the Blogger templates. It was attractive but not personal.  I loved the periwinkle blue background of the former design (periwinkle is one of my very favourite colours) but my daughter Emma encouraged me to go with plain white.  She said my photos and artwork would look better against a white backdrop and I think she is right.

There is a big week ahead.  Be sure to check in every now and then.  I will be putting some prints and cards into my new Etsy store and I will announce it here first.  Also, I will have a special giveaway for my readers to celebrate my opening.


  1. the sun came out here yesterday but now we are back to a week of rain.
    Looking forward to the opening of your etsy shop.

  2. oh yeah, your blog does look good. Love the header and I agree with the daughter, the white brings out your photos.

  3. Margie--I'm looking forward to it too. Some photos to take tomorrow, so probably a Wednesday or Thursday opening. :)

    Gia--Thank you for the nice comments about my new look.

  4. What a beautiful walk you had - so much to take in, and every image a potential painting! Love the saucer fungi.

    Yes I do like your header as well. White and blue the perfect choice!

  5. yes - the dark days are quite moody
    love the new header

  6. Cindy--I couldn't sleep last night. I was at my computer and was thinking people like Cindy are awake right now and your comment came a minute later. Funny. :) Thanks for the nice words about my header.

    Arounna--Thanks so much for visiting and complimenting my new header. xx


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