October 13, 2011

Hmmm, where should we file that?

I know!  Let's file it under 'it seemed like a good idea at the time'.

In my joy at being past my deadline and perhaps because of guilt that I hadn't been walking Meeko as much as I should have the past few days, I decided to treat him. On our afternoon walk, we ventured away from the pathway we normally take and into the forest.  I walk in the forest on a daily basis with Meeko during the wintertime.  Apparently during the autumn, there are quite a number of burrs there.  I first saw a big clump of burrs on my sweater sleeve.  I actually jumped, as it looked like some sort of animal crawling up my arm.  Then I looked down at Meeko. Oh my goodness!

Poor fellow.  We came back from our walk sooner than planned and I have spent the last hour combing him.  I won't pretend that either of us has had fun.

He is looking a little more normal now--actually quite good.  He is not only almost entirely burr-free but also knot-free.  I am now going to relieve my stress level by painting a little in the loft.


  1. Oh yuck! poor you and Meeko. I have to say that picture does make me shudder - it looks like a bug infestation.
    Glad to see all is back to normal!

  2. I know...like very large ants. There are bits of burrs everywhere in the house right now. I'm sure I'll be finding them for days.

  3. That's so funny, sorry, but I've been there with a poodle, so I know the consequences!

    Glad to see everyone prickle free at last!

  4. Cindy--Yes, even I can laugh now when I look at that photo. I was thinking about you today. I am putting the finishing touches on an Australian beach scene. I'm having a lot of trouble with the line between the beach and the water. I thought--'if only Cindy were here!' :)

  5. So cute!! Reminds me of the movie the shaggy dog! (not re: the burrs)

  6. Gia--It's true. He does look a bit like the dog in that film. I think it was a bearded collie. A lot of wheatens have very dense hair so they have to be trimmed short. Meeko has what they call an Irish coat so I can leave it long and 'shaggy' which I love (except for days like yesterday!)

  7. I can't believe how well you did grooming him. When I saw the after image I was sure you brought him to a professional. Well done and I'm so sorry! :-)

  8. Liane--Thanks! I don't think I'd want to do it professionally...I was exhausted afterwards!


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