October 13, 2011

Back to Normal

While I was tending to my computer woes and my show preparations, life went on around me.  I am reacquainting myself with my garden, watering badly neglected pots and admiring the recent changes.  I am spending a little more time with my family. (Oh I'm sorry, did I forget to feed you for the past week?  Oops. Fortunately, they are pretty self sufficient.)  I am resuming my long walks with Meeko who has been misbehaving I think because of my distracted state.  And later today, once my show debris which I've managed to scatter over several floors is cleared, I will go upstairs and paint again.  Last night the new hard drive was installed in my computer and most of the files have been saved.  I have a little reconstitution work to do--reinstalling software programs and drivers and re-establishing our home network--but we are lucky in so many ways.

My garden was full of lovely surprises.  The spanish flag vine is in bloom.  This is a true gift of my garden.  I planted it several years ago and it reseeds itself each year. By the time the plant gets to the point of flowering, it is very late in the growing season, so I am never sure if I will be lucky enough to see its gorgeous fiery blooms. Even without the flowers, it is a pretty plant.  The leaves are a lovely shape and I adore the swirly, spiral tendrils.  I have a thing for curlicues.

Spanish flag or firecracker vine (ipomoea lobata)
Elsewhere, the garden is a mix of summer and autumn.  The leaves have changed colour and even fallen in places.  Some of the annuals are showing the effects of a few frost-filled nights.  But there is still much colour and vibrancy to be enjoyed in the weeks ahead. 

A busy ladybug; leaves of Palibin lilac bush; and polyantha rose 'The Fairy'
*  *  *  *  *

The Boîte de Noël arts and crafts show takes place this weekend in Dorval, Quebec beginning tonight and running until Sunday afternoon.  They have a Facebook page so you can see some of the artists' work as well as get details on the location and times.  Click here.

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