Friday, August 26, 2011

A Castle in the Forest

Have you ever watched your children do something and you have been totally amazed and interested by what they have done? You're not sure that you could have done the same thing or even have thought of it. You are just a happy witness to its splendid execution.

My daughters and their cousin said that they wanted to go into the forest. We are spending the week with my parents who live on the edge of a forest on the banks of Lake Muskoka. I wasn't certain what they had in mind. They are two pre-teens and a teenager who no longer require constant supervision.  The forest they wanted to explore is on our property.

What did they do?

Well, it took more than a day. It is beautiful and amazing and could belong in an art museum if there were an art museum for forest creations.

A large rock and the roots of a fallen tree were used for its back wall.  At least a hundred branches were then leaned and woven together.  Long pieces of grass were braided to form rope which was then tied to create a moveable door or flap. The floor is carpeted lushly with ferns.  Flowers and more ferns adorn the walls, grass ropes and door.

I asked them what I should call it and gave them a number of suggestions:  tee-pee, lean-to, dwelling, wigwam, shelter, abode, fort.   The oldest of the three thought for a moment and then said, 'Castle'.

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