Sunday, April 16, 2017

Hello, Garden. I've Been Waiting For You.

White and yellow crocuses

My garden is waking up again. Each trip outside brings intense moments of joy as I discover more plants inching their way up through the soil and bits of autumn debris, first revealing green tips and then, a few days later, the flowers with their beautiful colours. Goodbye grey and brown! The crocuses in the backyard were the first to emerge. Now they have started to bloom in the front too. There are dwarf irises and scilla too. Interesting that the tiniest flowers are the most courageous ones, daring to appear when the snow has barely melted.

I often say that 'I need my garden and my garden needs me'. This year, it could not be more true. I found this winter to be tough. Ever since the U.S. election, I've been feeling a lot of anxiety about the world. That made it hard to think that painting flowers was important when there were so many scary things going on. I got stuck for a little while. But I think I've come to terms with the fact that small things are important. Like paying attention to nature. Celebrating it. Respecting and nurturing it. Creating art. Painting flowers. Being true to myself. All of these things are valid and positive ways to contribute to the world.

I don't make a big income with my art but I have also tried the last few months to contribute, when I can, to organizations who are trying to make a difference in the world. I believe that tiny gestures do count and they are a way of being engaged in positive change.

Clump of white crocuses

Two pale yellow crocuses

Bright yellow crocuses with purple stripes

Those of you who follow me on Instagram will know that the past few weeks have been particularly stressful as my dog Meeko needed to have unexpected abdominal surgery four weeks ago, just days after his seventh birthday. What seemed like minor digestive issues initially were actually much more serious. He has been diagnosed with a chronic intestinal condition. There were some very emotional days the week of his surgery but I am happy to report that he is doing really well. With medication and a strict diet, our vet is confident that his condition can be controlled. He got his stitches out a week ago and we can now go on our walks together again. He is happy and acting like himself (once again monitoring the neighbourhood squirrels and cats). I am so glad to have my buddy by my side again.

Oh! And another bit of good news. My tea cards were featured in the May 2017 issue of Romantic Homes magazine. It's a really lovely magazine and the May issue is available on newsstands now.

 Tea Lover Note Cards by Trowel and Paintbrush

Today I picked the first garden bouquet of this year. It contains dwarf irises, crocuses and a scilla sprig. It was a way to celebrate Easter and the return of my garden. An emissary of more positive days ahead. A sweet handful of hope.

Tiny bouquet of dwarf irises, crocuses and scilla


  1. First of all I'm very happy to read about Meeko's improving health! Also equally happy to read you have found inspiration in the little things again despite all the awful things happening. You are completely right, we need all those little things and the world needs them, else, how could we strive to make this a better place? The fuller our hearts, the better we can care for others, or so I feel.

    I was totally feeling the same as you with all the crappy things happening. It was hard to shake it off, still is but now I have to focus my energy on baby and he has helped me to ground myself again and well, he helps by being so sweet, hehe.

    Spring is just so full of possibilities <3

    1. Thanks for your sweet words, Iveth. Tough times but we are on the same page and I'm glad to have you as a friend. Concentrating on the small, good things around us and allowing them to fill our hearts offers the possibility of better things. Building blocks to a better world. Sending a hug to you and your sweet baby. xo

  2. So glad Meeko is feeling better and patrolling the neighborhood once again. And I couldn't agree with you more on all your points. Enjoy the flowers and sunshine.

    1. Thanks so much, Lori. It's a big relief that he is recovering well. Happy spring to you! Maybe it be the beginning of better things.

    2. I meant 'May it be the beginning of better things'!

  3. Hello dear Kathleen, sorry for such a late visit ... I'm trying to blog more & to visit my friends' blogs more as well. Since I have been failing for months now.
    I'm glad to read that Meeko is recovering well & that he'll feel better now that he's under medication.
    Your garden is a thing of beauty. I've lived so vicariously through your garden & gardening. I'm now a fellow garderner, but such a baby one ! LOL
    Thanks for keeping on blogging. We're not so many nowadays.
    Big hugs to you & Meeko ! xoxo

    1. Thanks for visiting, Sonia! I need to get around more too! :) I miss so many posts lately, on IG in particular. I like that you can write a bit more in a blog post and include more photos so I still value the medium. I'm glad you do too. I hope to post a little more often as well.

      I am so happy you finally have a garden! Hurray! You were meant to be a gardener. I'm so happy we share this passion. Thanks for the kind thoughts about Meeko too. Hugs to you and Pitou!


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