July 18, 2015

Meeko Time

Every now and then, Meeko leans over and whispers 'If you're looking for a blog subject, I'm sure people wouldn't mind one all about me'.

It's hot and humid here. Even without the heat, in the summer my art productivity always slows down. My concentration is always off when others are in the house, even though I enjoy my daughters' school vacation presence. Snatching an hour to paint here and there doesn't always work. I'm better off with a stretch of a few hours of uninterrupted studio time--time to think, time to putter, time to produce. Plus I have a very big garden that requires my regular presence during the summer. This past week, I've been getting up early each morning to go out and work in the garden for two to three hours before the day's heat hits. If I don't look after it daily, it becomes an unworkable jungle.

The rest of my summer days seem to be a bit of a blur--dentist appointments (ChloƩ got her wisdom teeth removed this past week; Emma's appointment is in August), various errands, visits to framing suppliers, preparations for a garage sale, the beginning of a painting commission, mom's 'taxi', walks with Meeko.

Wait a minute. Meeko. Once again, I think the furry boy might be right.

A serviceberry from our garden. Meeko loves berries.
Gentle boy.
A rare off-leash summer run. Yippee!
"I stand on guard for thee." I think it's more to do with dogs, cats and squirrels in the park. 
Gardening companion whether at work or at rest.

A blog post brought to you by Meeko.


  1. Aw Meeko, I'm one of your biggest fans !! You are so beautiful & adorable !

    The heat is dry here (most of the time) but it's been too hot for too long already, with no rain relief (not a drop in a couple of months if not more) & the night it doesn't cool down much. Indoors it's 30°C or more (28°C at night), and I simply can't do anything. My body refuses & my mind as well. I'm from the south, but the older I get, the more I hate it.
    I hope you will have some relief soon.


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