May 7, 2015

A Spring Walk in the Woods

Meeko and I went for a walk in the woods near our house this morning. These are the same snow-covered woods that you have seen in my blog countless times. In the spring and summer, it is usually too boggy to walk there. We have had such warm and dry weather the past few days that the pathway was completely accessible. Well actually, it was a little squishy in places but walkable if you stepped carefully. I let Meeko lead the way.

What a treat to see the spring version of these woods and all of the lovely plant life there. There were trout lilies everywhere. Such elegant little flowers. I also saw these delicate white flowers. I think they are some type of heuchera. I love the little bit of fluff attached to its side. 

I exclaimed out loud when I saw the next flowers! Meeko looked around as he thought that such an excited voice must mean a squirrel or other small creature. Nope. Not a four-legged creature. What I had seen was a trillium!

I put my head right down on the ground to take this photo. Then I had to pick the leaves out of my hair afterwards! Completely worth it. What a beautiful flower. I've seen trilliums often where my parents live in Northern Ontario. I didn't know that there were some within walking distance of my home! So exciting.

Everything looked beautiful in the morning light. I loved the curved pattern of these little tufts of grass and the lovely pairing of this trout lily and the heuchera.

What a beautiful way to start a morning. I haven't stopped smiling since.

❤  ❤  ❤  ❤  


  1. Gorgeous! Very different from our spring here in the Sonoran Desert! I just love nature, and appreciate you sharing, so much! I can't remember if you follow me on Instagram, like I follow you, but I have been posting some spring pictures, too. I just went up to Cave Creek (about an hour north of me, but still in the Phoenix suburbs) to visit a tea room with 18 others from our ladies' group, and there was a fabulous public garden across the street! I will be posing pictures I took for several days.

    1. It's so interesting how spring varies from region to region. I also always have to remind myself that those in the southern hemisphere are experiencing autumn while we are enjoying spring. I will check out your flower photos!


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