April 4, 2015

A Spring Adventure

This morning when we woke up, I'm certain there was a collective groan. If the windows had been open, I'm sure it would have resonated for miles. After an unseasonably warm day yesterday when much of the snow melted and people flocked into the streets wearing light clothing and big smiles, it snowed again overnight. A lot of snow. After the initial shock of seeing everything covered in white again, I decided to make the best of it and see if the forest path was still accessible. I had my doubts after all of the thawing that had taken place in previous days.

There is a creek that we have to cross over to get to the path. A plank of wood serves as a bridge but it was under a half-foot of water and a layer of ice this morning. It wasn't even visible. I had to get a piece of wood to poke through the surface to be sure that it was still in place.

This is when I told Meeko my plan that we were going to walk across the submerged bridge. First he looked at me and then he started barking. Rough translation: 'You want me to do what? You are crazy'. (He fell into the creek a couple of springs ago when he sidestepped the bridge.) After some initial hesitation and more barking, he got brave and went across first.

This is taken from the other side. What was waiting for us was surreally beautiful. The thaw from previous days had created the swampy patches that are typical of this little forest during the spring and summer but everything, absolutely everything, was covered in snow. It was like a frozen moment between seasons.

I let Meeko be the leader as finding the pathway was not always obvious because there were parts underneath the water. He had a ton of fun running ahead and then racing back to check on my progress. We had the forest to ourselves because no one else was nutty enough to be there this morning. But oh what they missed!

I don't wear my glasses when I'm out walking. Somehow I hit a setting on my phone without realizing and the last few photos are in black and white. Still beautiful.

This is Meeko getting mentally ready to cross the watery bridge again to go home. I'm so glad that I decided to shake off my initial disappointment at seeing the snowy weather. I have Meeko to thank over and over again for getting me out into nature on a daily basis. We had a ton of fun together this morning.

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  1. Your walk with Meeko as the leader took you to see such beauty, but if I lived there my groan would have been heard for miles & miles. Lovely photos

    1. Thanks, Barbara! It was such a shock to see the snow this morning but impossible to resist the beauty of it once I was outside with my buddy. :)

  2. Oh so beautiful, and lovely to share it with the handsome Meeko :) Such lovely photos Kathleen. X

    1. Hi Julie! Thanks so much! I just went and read your February post. I had missed it! I can't believe how springy your yard looked way back in February. As you can see, we've been dealing with a different kind of weather. xo

  3. I understand both the enchantment of snow & the boredom (to stay polite) when it's been months & months like this. It's just the same here, for me, with sun & heat. When it comes too early, and lingers for way too long, we really are annoyed by it, but there is always something to be enjoyed or appreciated in every situation. So glad you still manage to see the beauty in this.
    I love all of your photos, but the one before the last one is the cherry on top. Gorgeous !
    Happy Easter my friends !

    1. Happy Easter to you too, Sonia! You have it exactly right. We have had five months of cold here and are ready for something else!! I like that second to last photo too. The snow-laden trees there provided a beautiful natural canopy. Now that I know (by mistake) that I can take photos in b+w with my cell phone, I might more often! xo

  4. Replies
    1. Thank you, Carol! It really was a beautiful day.


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