Saturday, September 6, 2014

Raindrops in the Garden

We had a huge heat wave the past week. So unusual for September. We are on our way to more reasonable temperatures thanks to a big storm yesterday. Today, there was a beautiful light rain in the morning. I decided to go on a walk with Meeko without an umbrella in order to literally soak it in. So lovely and refreshing.

Afterwards,  I toured the back garden and was able to capture some of the raindrop magic with my camera.

Chloé went back to school this past Tuesday. Emma is settling into life in residence and beginning her first year at university. We miss her day-to-day presence but love seeing how happy she is. As for me, I am finally back in the studio. I posted a couple of photos of my current painting in progress on Instagram and Facebook

I am thankful that cooler days ahead will allow me to take Meeko for longer walks. (He hates the heat!) I'm also glad that my head is full of a million things that I would like to paint. This time of year always feels like the beginning of the year to me. Even though my own school days are long behind me, my inner calendar still seems to follow the scholastic year. I feel that for all of us here, whether resuming familiar routines or tackling new challenges, this new year is full of promise. 

1) Nasturtium leaves 2) Highbush cranberry (Viburnum trilobum) 3) Sunflower 4) Spindle wood (Euonymus europaeus) 5) Foxglove (Digitalis purpurea) 6) Nasturtium leaves 7) Japanese anemone 8) Bee on Salvia farinacea 'Victoria Blue'


  1. I taught art for 25 years, so I'm on that school calendar permanently! Lovely photos! I hope you paint the bee on the salvia.
    I have so many paintings in my head, too. But first I have to finish a commission long overdue. I've started it three times!

    1. I think I will paint a bee. I took several photos of them. I had the lens and my nose so close to them, I'm lucky I wasn't stung!

      Good luck with that commission. There's always an extra layer of stress to them!

  2. Magical photos of the raindrops, love the high bush cranberry, just gorgeous colours. I hope your daughter enjoys Uni and all that comes with it and you cope with her gone, it's hard at first, but you sound fired up and busy so that's brilliant, I like the look of the Hydrangea you are painting, I did some potato printing yesterday it was great fun :)) We are back to work and routine next week, nice weather over here for September, yay!

    1. It was SO pretty after the rain! Emma seems very happy so far so that is a good thing. I was working on the hydrangea painting again today. Oh my goodness I am a slow painter! Potato prints? That sounds like fun. I haven't made one in many years.

  3. We're still in summer over here, but I'm hoping we'll get an early autumn this year. People have been complaining (crazy people) that this summer was rainier & chillier than the others, but heck, a little rain in the summer is always welcome, and it didn't rain so much. And it wasn't chillier, there was simply not major heatwave, which I rejoiced about !!
    Your photos & your garden look splendid, my friend. Happy September to you, Meeko & yours ! xoxo

  4. Looks so beautiful! :-)

  5. These are such beautiful photographs, Kathleen! I especially love the nasturtium leaves. I can't seem to get enough of nasturtiums this year; yesterday I brought in a handful of the leaves to display by themselves in a vase.

    Thanks for sharing these views of your lovely garden!


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