July 4, 2013

Summertime and the living is...busy

In the summer, things always change for me. My teenage daughters are in the house all day and I find myself easily distracted. I haven't painted very much the past few weeks as family life takes precedence. I'll have to figure out how to sneak in some painting time when the house is quiet (maybe when they sleep in each morning? :)

I always feel stress at the beginning of the summer as I feel my daily routine being tugged away from me. There are so many things I meant to do before the summer started and, well, here it is.

I celebrated my birthday on July 1st. Emma made me a fabulous beach-themed cake. I've always felt lucky to have my birthday on Canada Day. Canada is 146 years old now. I am younger.

Other activities from the past few weeks: sleepovers, visits from friends, an early birthday party for ChloƩ who turns 14 on July 7th, dips in the pool with Meeko who loves to swim, house cleaning, garden weeding (they're still winning), and Ikea furniture making (an art storage cabinet for me, a bookcase for Emma and some CD shelves for the basement).
Guess who wishes Emma had made a cake for his birthday?
I find the burden of my Etsy treasury teams hard at this time of year.  That's been complicated by all of the recent format changes Etsy has made that have gummed up traditional ways we've all made our treasuries. Some of my teams have reduced their quotas for the summer and that has helped me step back a little. Less time at the computer is a good thing. I don't think many people enjoy change all that much, but I think it's our resistance to it that creates the most problems. Maybe it's good that all of these changes happened just as the summer began. It gives us time to consider what's important and adjust. I know that it would be better if I spent more time making art and less time worrying about what Etsy is doing or not doing.

Last night we all went to a fabulous concert in downtown Montreal that was part of the Jazz Festival. I like how a concert transports you from your ordinary life. Camera Obscura from Glasgow Scotland was the opening act. I'm just getting to know them. I was searching for the words to describe them and Emma said 'indie pop with a retro twist'. Sounds good to me. I enjoyed them. The main act was She & Him (Zooey Deschanel and Matt Ward). We have all of their albums here. It's rare that all four of us can agree on one group. The concert was fabulous. Zooey packs a very big voice into her small frame and it was fun to see her play piano and ukelele. I liked when Matt and Zooey sang together. Their voices combine beautifully and you could see that they enjoy each other. The backup singers were amazing too and I read after the concert that they are the daughters of Tom Chapin and the nieces of the late Harry Chapin. I can remember listening to Harry Chapin 8-track tapes (there's an age indicator) in the car when we were on summer vacation when I was young.

There are more distractions ahead: family visits here, a trip to Lake Muskoka to visit my parents and a trip oceanside in Maine. For my part, I'll try to keep going with the summer flow.

Happy 4th of July to all of my friends in the United States! I was born in Manitoba but spent my first year in Cleveland, Ohio! I came very close to being a dual citizen! 


  1. Oh Kathleen, I could have written the first two sentences, just changing "teen daughters" by "pre-teen sons" !! I haven't had the time for anything dyeing or sewing or embroidery related, which really bugs me. But such is life & my family is more important than all the rest.
    Wishing you lots of fun & happy times this summer, my friend !

  2. Anonymous2:44 PM EDT

    Dear Kathryn,
    If I were you, I will not worry too much about getting time to paint. All along the past years, I learned that one must take the things as they are coming, enjoy the passing time, enjoy your family, travels and gatherings. Sometimes, it is good to have a break. After that, you will have a new vision of your art.
    I do not worry about Etsy as well. I am never aware of their changes. What I see is that you must always list and relist to be seen and everything else (favorites, followers, treasuries)is useless and time consuming for the sellers. It is my opinion. All the benefit is for Etsy, not for the sellers except for a few rare cases.

    I wish you a beautiful summer.

  3. Lovely post, beautiful garden, Nasturtiun is asking to be painted? My advice is go with the flow, have a good time, life is too short, enjoy something in every day, big time! The same must be happening to lots of Mums, including me. My Son graduated last Fiday, started his new job on Monday, it's been like a whirlwind week!!! I'm trying to work?? My mind is all over the place? Things will settle, and I hope you look back on a wonderful summer, enjoy your family, most of my family are gone, so make the most of everyone, make fabulous memories :) Hope the sun shines too! Meeko looks so cute!

  4. Life might be hectic but it sure sounds fun!! The only concert I've ever been to was Harry Chapin when he performed at ISU when I was a freshman there ('77 - '78). I'm well familiar with 8 tracks. We had a lot of them (my parents did) and I even owned a few myself because the stereo they bought me for Christmas one year had an 8 track player in it.

  5. I think I'm like you and like my routines, but it sounds like you're having a wonderful summer!!

  6. your summer sounds chock full of loveliness.

  7. Dear Kathleen - sounds like your summer is going to be filled with the business of spending time with your daughters and Meeko. Love your birthday cake and even though it is belated Happy Birthday! Hope you enjoyed every bite of that delicious looking cake.


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