May 6, 2013

My Backyard Friends

Meeko's not my only companion in the backyard while I garden. I am frequently visited by some very beautiful friends! Mr. and Mrs. Cardinal are above and below. What a handsome fellow the male cardinal is. The female is very lovely too in a more understated way. They are such sweet, polite birds. They always arrive together and gently chirp (pip, pip, pip) when they find that the seed tray is empty as if to say "We had hoped to have a little snack, but don't worry we'll drop by again." They are nothing like the beautiful yet very bossy blue jay who will screech from the top of the tree: "Hey lady, I thought I told you that I like the seeds put out before I arrive!"

Other birds who tend to visit as a couple are my lovely mourning doves. They are not hugely brilliant or maybe they just don't see well. It's not too hard to surprise them. But they are so pretty and I love their goofy charm.

Finally, this is a sweet little song sparrow. I love its striped and speckled markings. I often hear him before I see him. He is a very gifted singer and he serenades me (I like to think it's me) on a regular basis from a neighbouring tree.


  1. awwwww what a sweet post, Kathleen !
    The first & only time I've seen cardinals & blue jays was when I visited Margie in 2011 & I clearly remember how "chatty" (= noisy) blue jays were.
    Thank you so much for these looooovely photos !

    1. Thanks, Sonia. I'm excited to get some bird photos in focus! Geninne gave me a great tip: to use the 'sports' mode of the camera.

  2. They are so pretty - and the red one is truly magnificent with those colors! :-)

  3. Lovely birdies, such good photos, I can't get anywhere near my birds to take a decent photo. The Cardinals are so striking, I saw a male bullfinch last week and he was mighty fine too, we don't have too many bright coloured birds, and I like to think they are mine in my garden :) I have been enjoying watching them take a bath this last week, my little bird bath is only a square a bit bigger than a dinner plate, but they have what looks like a great time in there, queueing up to take turns, so funny. The water soon goes! A garden isn't a garden unless there's some nice twittering going on!

    1. I used a long-range lens and put the camera in 'sports mode' (a tip Geninne gave me). I also sat outside for a little while very quietly so the birds didn't worry about me being there.

  4. you have the finest of friends :)

  5. Oh I do think that female cardinal is just gorgeous!!

  6. Anonymous3:05 AM EDT

    Birds are so interesting. In France, we do not have cardinals and jays and sparrows are different.
    Pretty photos.

    Have a nice weekend

  7. Such beautiful friends you have there Kathleen! I adore your cardinal couple...(how grand and refined they look!)xx


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