March 17, 2013

Family Portraits

One morning this past week, I found a little stack of pictures beside my computer. The night before Emma had doodled portraits of us all. I love them so much. I asked her permission to post them here and told her I planned to frame them. With a few lines, she has really caught our essence. (I am 'Mama' for those of you less familiar with our family.) These are by my 17-year-old daughter who says she's not artistic.

Of course, there is one family member missing so I will include my recent watercolour portrait of him. On Saturday, Meeko celebrated his birthday. He is three years old and it is hard to remember when he wasn't with us. He has stolen our hearts.

As of tomorrow, the household will be back to its normal routine. ChloƩ finished her school break last Monday. Emma is back to school tomorrow. I hope to paint a little and get some new prints into my shop. There is a ton of snow predicted for this week. Oh boy. Meeko will be happy about that. So studio time and snowy walks are on the agenda for the week ahead.


  1. Gorgeous post and portraits.

  2. i would definitely frame these. love them

  3. Cute little portraits, i like your curls! So nice to keep these, and to encourage MORE doodling and drawing. Do you know the blog Print and Pattern, lots of younger style pattern and graphic art on there, always something interesting to look at. Happy Birthday Meeko! Hope he had something yummy and a walk :)

  4. Love the family portraits! Your daughter should keep doodling for sure!! :) Happy Birthday Meeko! *woof* !

  5. Cute Meeko - and Happy (belated) birthday to him!

  6. Very sweet! Love Meeko's portrait- Happy Birthday to him!XX


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