January 23, 2013

A Warm Kitchen

No need to visit the Arctic. It has come to see us instead. If yesterday was cold, today is a block of ice. The temperature at the moment is -25C with a wind chill factor of -37C. I did take Meeko out for his walk yesterday, wrapped (me that is) in a ski jacket, snow pants, hat, gloves and two infinity scarves. We'll see if we venture out today. Meeko doesn't seem to mind the cold at all and, as I've mentioned several times here, he adores the snow.

Days like this are best spent indoors sipping hot coffee or tea and making or at least dreaming about warm creations coming out of the oven.  Our ever-expanding cookbook collection grew a little over the holidays. Pictured at the top are the books that were under our tree, plus a couple I ordered in early January. I bought the book 'I love cinnamon rolls!' because I couldn't get the cinnamon rolls my sister-in-law made for our family out of my head. What to do when plagued by thoughts of cinnamon rolls? Make more!

We own every Jamie Oliver recipe book that has been published. We love Jamie and his recipes. They always work and taste so good. We own most of the Barefoot Contessa collection too, also wonderfully reliable although I've learned to reduce the salt a little and use evaporated milk in many of her recipes calling for cream.

On the very top of the pile are two books published by Love Food (aka Parragon Books)--one owned by Chloé and the other by Emma. We now have three of their books. I posted last summer about a fabulous 'sheepscape' that Emma made, inspired by a cookie recipe in one of their books. I contacted Parragon at the time and asked if they would give me permission to print the recipe on my blog. They were lovely about it and said 'yes'.

Some family recipe cards and a photo of Emma at three decorating a cake
A few months later, they contacted me and asked if they could feature my blog as their first 'blog of the month' on their website. They asked me about my art and garden but were particularly interested in how Emma and Chloé got to be such wonderful bakers.

It is pretty exciting to have my blog featured somewhere and it was fun to talk about all of the baking that has gone on in our kitchen over the years.

Keep warm, my friends!


  1. Oh Wauw, that's so great Kathleen! I love Jamie's books too!! And I love David Loftus...Lord Loftus...haha..so I ordered the book of miss P. Middelton. I saw it in a bookshop in Dutch but I decided to go for English..I think she doesn't deserves all of that negative credit..It's also a great book to read and do!

    1. Jamie is wonderful. You had me looking up the other names. :) I didn't know that David Loftus was Jamie's photographer and didn't realize that Pippa had a book. Oh dear, I do seem to be out of the royal loop! I just looked up the reviews on Amazon and there are lots of good reviews. The press loves to jump all over the royals. Not always fair for sure.

  2. Brrr now that's cold !!!! Over here I'd say it's been rainy, which is not always so pleasant but at least it refills the rivers & sources for the summer.
    Yay for the interview, I loved reading it !
    I have so many cook books, and looking back, don't use many of them ... at all. (oops)
    Keep warm !!!

    1. This is extreme cold. Thank goodness, we don't get it very often. Several thousand homes were without power this morning and some schools (but not Chloé's--she was a little disappointed). We were fine but it's not the time to be without electricity.

      We use the majority of our recipe books occasionally--if that makes sense. :)

  3. Oh Wow, fantastic that it worked both ways with Parragon, what a lovely feature. My book was printed by them.
    That is very cold there, we have had quite a bit of snow (for us) and it's been very cold, -3 eek, so not that bad eh?? More snow tomorrow as well, then rain. We have been eating lovely puddings, anything I could make really, just fattening up I think! Thanks for visiting, I was thinking everyone was hibernating, maybe a good Idea :)

    1. I remembered you saying that Parragon published your book.

      Cold weather definites changes what we eat and can make hibernation feel like a good choice! :)

  4. Yay ! Kathleen, congrats ! Many english words = A hard stuff for me, but I will be reading your interview !!! (love your Meeko's portrait, he must be honored!)

    1. Thanks, Lucile and a big kiss from Meeko! ❤


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