November 28, 2012

First Snow

We are in the midst of a very tiny first snowfall. Just a dusting. Hardly enough if I'm reading the expression on Meeko's face correctly.

But he still celebrated with his signature wild dash from end of the yard to the other, looping perilously close to stone walls, trees and other hard objects. We call it 'the weasel run'. It always ends with a spectacular leap up the stairs, taking several steps in one stride. Funny boy, with a sense of style.

I'm not doing too well keeping up here lately.  I'm not always replying quickly as quickly as I would like and I'm not getting to other blogs. I'm really sorry about that. There are lots of demands on my time recently.  ChloĆ© had two days of school holidays last week. And then, Meeko was at the vet for an overnight visit for allergy tests. What doesn't show in the photo above is a huge rectangular patch of fur missing on his left side where they shaved him for the test. Oh, it's hard to look at, even though I know it will grow back in. They did find that he has several outdoor allergies which explains the problems he's been having with his eyes, sneezing and paws.

I had to take Emma to the doctor this morning. She is very rarely sick but has a sinus infection and a very bad cough that has had her professors sending her out of class during the past week.

All of our computers seem to be ailing as well lately. I had major problems with the installation of new virus protection software I purchased. I worked on it for two hours on my own trying to solve the problem. Then the expert from the company took over a half hour to fix it. That made me feel better--that he didn't correct it in two minutes. I have to say it was pretty cool that he was able to help me through chat and long-distance control of my computer. But what a time-waster the whole problem was. That happened on an afternoon when I had full intentions of painting. Then Emma's laptop started acting up a few days later and, once again, I was the V.P. of technical services called to look after the job. Don't you hate when your time gets eaten up by stuff like that?

And to top it off, last week I managed to kill my 4-year old laptop with a spilled glass of wine. I guess you could say I killed it with kindness. So it means that I have less access to a computer right now. Once the girls are home, the desktop is no longer mine. I have to make sure I do all of my Etsy, blog and Photoshop work during the day. I haven't been posting as much on Facebook or Twitter either. Maybe that's not a bad thing. One thing for sure, it's not the best timing for a big purchase before Christmas. It may be that the new computer becomes my Christmas gift. I have a wild dream of an iMac. We'll see, she said to herself, with irrational Christmas stars twinkling in her eyes.

*  *  *  *  *

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  1. Oh Kathleen, sorry about the laptop death ... but if I had one advice (and even though I'm not paid by Apple), I made the jump from laptop to iMac two years ago & haven't had a single problem in all that time, and have been enjoying it VERY VERY much. It is worth every cent you have to pay. Really. Everything is so much simpler, so clean, and I wasn't an Mac girl before doing the switch.
    I'm sorry Meeko seems to have allergies, poor little boy. I hope the fur will grow very fast & that he'll get some treatment for the allergies.
    Yay for snow, even just a dusting. I'm dreaming of snow. Oh yes, I am.
    Take care, Kathleen. Big hugs oxox

    1. My very first home computer many moons ago was a Mac. A funny looking thing when I think about it now. A plastic box. But I loved it! I think I'm ready to go back to a Mac again. All of our snow has melted. It's raining today.

  2. Well, if the laptop had to go, it was better with wine than with coffee. A little bit more glamorous, don´t you think..! ;-)

    1. It felt clumsy to me but I'll go with glamorous. :)

  3. So beautiful the snow....RIP your electronic goods, but what a way to go!

    If you're a good girl Santa may have an extra iMac....

    1. I was looking at them today online. I don't think this idea is going to go away. :)

  4. They all come at once these irritating problems... Hope Meeko is not too bad with his allergies? So worrying with them, as they can't just tell you what's up. Our Dyson blew up last week,and we fully expected it to be out of warranty, but hoorah, it was just still in and the lovely Dyson man came and put a new motor in, For free!!It may hopefully last another 5 years??? I am waiting for the NEW 27" Imac to be out in the stores, and will be mine!! I've waited YEARS for this and do need to get up to speed with it all, but alas, it may be another month or so, Apple do need to get their act together??? I keep missing blogs and blogging too, it's a phase, it will pass! :)

    1. Was it the lovely Dyson man from the commercials who came to service it? I would break it on purpose. :) I was online today and they are taking orders here for the iMacs (the 21 inch with a 7-10 day delay and the 27 inch with a 3 week delay). I think I'm going to go with the small one as we already have a big-screen PC desktop. Quite excited!


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