September 14, 2012

Pause and Enjoy

More than a week since my last post. Oh my. My sister-in-law emailed me today to ask if everything was okay as I hadn't posted in a week and she reads my blog on her lunch hour. Nice to know I'm missed. 

Yes, everything's okay but where did the time go? Bits and pieces:  getting used to back-to-school routines, dentist appointment for me (yuck), insomnia (yuck again), weeding the garden (I will win!), some new prints for my shop (here's one...I really like how it turned out).

And then there were new photos of some items for my shop (Christmas cards, yes already), walks with Meeko, a new painting, a visit with a wonderful friend drinking rosé slushies on the back porch (I left the rosé in the freezer too long but I plan to make this 'mistake' again), cool evenings and surprisingly hot, humid days.

Nothing all that earth shattering but the time went quickly and when I look back, I am happy with the week (maybe not the dentist and insomnia part).  Well actually if I'm being truthful, due to the dentist appointment which led to the insomnia, I saw the most beautiful crescent moon with Venus shining just to its left in the wee hours one morning. Silver linings.

Here's the painting I worked on this morning (still in progress but almost finished):

Based on these wonderful tomatoes from my garden:
Aren't they beautiful? Two of my pepper-shaped Opalka tomatoes decided that they destined for each other.

I thought of adding the heart-shaped rocks and berry and acorn pairs to the painting, but I'm liking the tomatoes on their own.

My garden is certainly showing the changing seasons. There is more green, some brown, less blooms. I like this time of year in the garden:  less boisterous, more subtle.
Picea abies 'nidiformis' - Bird nest spruce with dew drops
Grass and other weeds in the backyard with dew drops.
The garden is still beautiful and has about a month and a half before it goes to sleep. I was glad I spent all of the time weeding in the front yard. It looks so much better. Now I need to spend a day or two weeding in the back or maybe not. The weeds look pretty nice with the dew drops on them.

Meeko adores this time of year too. He enjoys walking on the days with cooler temperatures and just loves the smells in the air. When he goes out the back door, he pauses and sticks his nose straight up as if to drink in the lovely smells of the changing seasons. He spent hours lying beside me while I weeded in the garden, enjoying our companionship and the changing seasons. We should all take moments to pause and enjoy too. 


  1. It's the September thing isn't it? We have to put things in order again. (weeds too!)Love your new print. The tomato has such a fascinating shape.You are right, it's fine just on it's own.
    Meeko looks squeeze-huggable ;-)

    1. Yup. It sure takes time to get back in the routine of things in September. Thanks for your kind words about my print and painting. Meeko is a sweetie and likes to cuddle when he's not busy getting into mischief.

  2. that beautiful tomato was just begging to be immortalized by your paint brush.
    Hope you sleep better this week.

    1. It was a very special tomato that deserved a portrait. :)

  3. Reading your posts is like fresh air, warm soup, sweet apple pie, I don't know how you manage to express all the flavors, colors, sensations... It is always a pleasure to come to your blog, it was odd that you were not here these days. I'm glad you're back. Lovely tomatoes!

    1. What lovely words! Thank you so much. :)

  4. What a beautiful blog : )
    Your dog has a very similar expression to one of mine - so cute!

    1. Thank you! So glad you like it. I will pass on your compliment to Meeko and tell him he has a new friend in the blogging world. :)


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