Saturday, September 22, 2012

Marvelous Mail

It was a 'good mail' week. I received the lovely 2013 calendar I ordered from Arounna at Bookhou. It is full of Arounna's beautiful brushwork and very happy colours.  And then, a day later, I received a crocheted stone from Margie at Resurrection Fern that I won in a lovely giveaway she held a while back on her blog. It is wrapped so prettily that I haven't had the heart to open it fully yet. A bit like Christmas, don't you think?  A beautifully wrapped present with the promise of its contents and a calendar that I can't use until 2013. Waiting can sometimes be delicious.

Don't they look like they belong together?


  1. Yes they do look like they are made for each other :) Now that is some wonderful mail indeed !!! So very happy for you ! Wishing you a lovely first Sunday of autumn ! xoxo

  2. They do - and nice to get things like that in the mail box! :-)

  3. It's always so special to get things via snail mail, ha ha, see what I did there with Resurrection fern? Not very clever? OK. Hope you enjoy those very tactile treasures, they look delightful. :)

    1. I liked your snail reference. :>


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