Sunday, August 5, 2012

Summer Days

  1. Mussel shell 'sculptures' from a lovely family meal eaten not oceanside but lakeside.
  2. Sweet peas. I love their curly tendrils.
  3. A coloured pencil drawing of geraniums I did this week.  I haven't used coloured pencils in years (probably since colouring in maps in school many years ago)!
  4. A watercolour I did for my sister Karen in 2005 of her cat Whiskers who was part Himalayan and part Siamese. He had one crooked ear due to surgery early in his life but still managed to look elegant.
Hope you are enjoying your days as well!


  1. I think vacations are the best way to use mediums we usually don't. I love your colored pencil drawing !! And the kitty too, so realistic !
    Enjoy this coming week ! xoxo hugs

    1. Thanks so much Sonia. Hugs to you too!

  2. what a really beautiful set of photographs
    enjoy the rest of your holidays

  3. I'll take one of everything please - maybe 3 of the mussels - yummo!

    Everything is so lovely, and that kitty has true personality!


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