Thursday, August 30, 2012

And the summer flew by

It's funny about the things you wish for. They arrive and then you have mixed feelings. Today Chloé went back to school. Emma went back last Wednesday. There comes a point in the summer when kids really just want to be back with their friends and, well, you come to a point when you think that sounds like a very good idea too. But the house felt quiet today and very empty.

Meeko had an emotional day too. He was crazy this morning, tearing back and forth because of his excitement over all of the schoolkids and school buses passing by. He looked pretty wistful as Chloé left though and he remembered the routine. As soon as she leaves through the front door, he races to the back door and asks to be let out so he can run to the front gate where he sits and watches her at the bus stop. Ah yes, it will be a period of adjustment for everyone in the family.

I am happy to have my routine back though. I always feel like the beginning of school is the beginning of a new year for me. I managed to create two new prints today: smaller versions of my bird nest and nature collection paintings. I hope to create some completely new prints from recent paintings in the days ahead.

We had a very good summer. We went to New York and Ontario. We hosted several family visits here. I painted several paintings. We baked. We swam. We read. We laughed. I could have posted so many more photos here and told you about so many more things, but sometimes you just need to do and not talk about what you did. :)

That beautiful photo above is of homemade macarons. Chloé made them all by herself last week. I have never made macarons before. They were delicious, so delicious in fact that we decided to give a box of them to the neighbours who looked after our flowers when we were on holidays.  Emma made chocolate dipped meringues this past week. Also a first in our household. I wish I had taken a photo before they were all devoured.  The things that come out of our kitchen are pretty amazing sometimes. School means that there will be a little less baking in the weeks ahead.  A little less play. A little more work. More focus. I'm looking forward to sharing my fall projects with you in the weeks ahead. 


  1. Oh Kathleen, how much I know how you feel. (I know you know that already) The boys will start next Tuesday & as much as I'm looking forward to longer periods of undisturbed work, I know I'll find the apartement way too quiet & that I'll be missing them like crazy. Thankfully I pick them for lunch so it doesn't make long days away from them. A new balance to find, each September.
    These macarons look fantastic ! Your daughters should have a little blog about their baking & cooking !! :)
    Have a great end of the week, Kathleen. Big hugs oxoxo

    1. We are definitely feeling the same thing. Our schools have always been too far away from the house for noontime visits, so you are lucky to have that option while they are young. I will pass on your comments and blog idea to Emma and Chloé! Enjoy the end of your summer. xx

  2. It's that melancholy, that wistfulness at the change of seasons, especially from Summer to Autumn. I suffer from it every time! However, here in the Antipodes, the frenzied activity that is winter handing over to spring, is driving us all crazy. Anticipation, excitment, throwing open windows wide, plants bursting out all over the garden, birds just everywhere on the lookout for nestling food - the place is like a madhouse! But a lovely one.

    I LOVE your smaller prints - I wonder what they'd look like as miniatures. I often prefer my work shrunk smaller and tightened up.

    The baking talents of your family knows no bounds. We have a french patisserie nearby and your offerings would not look out of place in his shop. YUM!!

    Looking forward to seeing your next creations - edible or otherwise!

    1. The approach of spring is so different isn't it? Emma referred to autumn as summer's swan song yesterday. Definitely different feelings attached to its arrival, although I do love autumn.

      I used to paint exclusively in miniature years ago. I love small formats although my eyesight is not as sharp now. I will experiment with a few tiny prints and see what they look like. Thanks for the idea and thanks for the lovely comments about the baking. I'll tell Emma and Chloé.

  3. Congrats Chloé on the macarons !!! I wish I was your neighbour :) They look great in pink and blue. I am happy to have some news of Meeko, kids are going to school on next tuesday here, and that is good news, yes I agree Kathleen, a new year is starting now; may this year be a very good one for you and all your blog followers !

    1. I wish you were my neighbour too! I will tell Chloé about your comments. I wish you, Werner and Jeanne a wonderful year too!


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