Thursday, June 28, 2012

Red Alert

Today's colour for the Poppytalk Summer Colours photo collection! We had a discussion here yesterday as to whether these fruits were pink or red. There's a bit of both in them but we decided they veer more to the red side than pink. I can't eat watermelon. I wish I could as it seems to be such a perfect summer fruit, but I always have an upset stomach afterwards.  Emma and Chloé love it though.

The sun was out this morning. Hello sunshine! The evidence of the rain from the past few days is still apparent on the geranium blossoms.  I love the photo of the geranium below. The blossom was laden with moisture that was backlit by the morning sunshine. There is a surreal quality to it.

I don't always have a lot of red in the garden, but this year I included more red in my flower pots. The centre photo is salvia and at the bottom is diascia.  Diascia is one of my favourite annuals. It comes in pink, coral and red and is remarkably resilient.  It handles the summer heat and will continue to bloom long after many annuals have succumbed to autumn frost.

I mentioned yesterday that Chloé was quite enthused by this whole colour week theme. My budding photographer took the following two photos (along with many others I don't have space to show).

I was actually giving her a hard time when she was taking photos of pretty much everything we passed, as Meeko really needs a brisk walk.  In the end, I'm glad she ignored her mother and took the photos. I particularly love her arty photo of the fire hydrant.

There are lots of lovely red photos gathering in the Poppytalk Summer Colour pool. I'm sure there will be lots more added throughout the day.  It has been fun to do, although it has taken up quite a bit of time this week. I am getting quicker though. This post was pulled together quicker than the ones earlier this week.

Busy day here. Emma has her rehearsal for her high school graduation ceremony which happens on Saturday. Chloé is having her 13th birthday party at the end of the day. She doesn't turn 13 until July 7th but it was a challenge getting her friends together on the same date. They are going out for dinner (with us) and then will have a sleepover. That is such a misnomer as there never really is that much sleep involved, is there?


  1. Kids really do take fantastic pics. They don't worry if it's going to be good or not, they just take it. Love that.

    1. You're absolutely right, Janis, and they see the world from different, refreshing angles.

  2. Wonderful photos, both yours & Chloé ! Red is such a rich color, everyone needs a bit of red here & there !
    So glad you joined us for Summer '12 edition ! So much fun !

    1. Thanks Sonia. It's true that red has a wonderful depth to it.

      Maybe it was the sunshine this morning or Poppytalk's Summer Colours Week, but I caught myself singing the old Gershwin tune 'Summertime' this morning. I'm glad I joined. :)

  3. Gorgeous juicy bright reds there! They are stunning, the watermelon etc, love the fire hydrant red too, and the water on the flowers wow. You seem to have really thought about all your colours, well done! High school graduation, gosh a big day, there may be tears? Teenager too, wowee, you have some fun to come :)

    1. Thanks so much Julie for all of the lovely comments. Yes, thanks for the reminder to put some tissues in my purse on Saturday! :)


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