Saturday, April 7, 2012

Wrapped With Flowers

I like to surround myself with flowers.  During the summer, I just need to walk out my back door to do so.  This time of year when my garden is just starting up, if I want to be surrounded, I have to resort to other measures.

If I still was in my apartment in midtown Toronto where I lived years ago, I would have walked to the corner of Avenue and Davenport Roads to the grocers that sold literally buckets of flowers.  I would just stand there sometimes and breathe in the beautiful fragrance of freesia, roses and lilies.  Then I would buy an armful of flowers for not very much money--enough to fill a couple of vases at home and a vase in my office during my corporate writing days.

I added some twigs from my amelanchier (serviceberry) to this arrangement
When I moved to Montreal years ago, I imagined that I would find similar flower shops. After all, it's a city with a decidedly European flair. But sadly, I've never found an equivalent in downtown Montreal.  There are florists of course, but none with wide selections and low prices. And in the suburbs where I live, the choices are even more limited.

So on Thursday when I started to feel the need to be surrounded by flowers, I went to get my flowers at Costco. Not as romantic as a walk in midtown to buy an armful of flowers for sure, but the bouquets at Costco are generous and well priced.  My three bunches of tulips were able to be split into six beautiful bouquets. So this Easter weekend, I am most happily surrounded with flowers.

And do you remember my Christmas cactus that decided to bloom just before Valentine's Day?  The other side of it has decided to celebrate Easter.  I like a plant with a sense of occasion. :)


  1. beautiful flowers, Kathleen :)
    where we used to live before moving here, I also could find flowers at a reasonnable price, and bought some of them from time to time
    I loved the glass (?) multi-vase (where you put the tulip & amelanchier arrangment, so pure & minimalist !
    Happy Easter to you & yours

    1. Thanks Sonia. I love fresh flowers in the house. That is a favourite vase of mine. It reminds me of a row of beakers and is fun to fill up with different flowers. A very happy Easter to you and your family too. :)

  2. Lovely Tulips they are always stunning colours and their shape is so beautiful. Nice dsplays there Kathleen.

    1. It's true Julie. I love so many different flowers but there is something so elegant about the shape of tulips. And the range of colours is amazing. My favourite tulips in my garden are called 'Shirley' tulips. They're not out yet. I'll have to post photos when they bloom. They are edged with purple and the colour deepens over a period of days.

  3. The scientist/geek (take your pick) in me is head over heels with the vase in your third picture. It's so modern and clean in design! It resembles test tubes in a rack!


    1. I think it looks like test tubes too. :) P.S. Geeky is good.

  4. "When I moved to Montreal years ago..."

    meaning you're not from montreal really, and you have a standing invitation from france. hmmm...


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