Friday, February 24, 2012

Thoughts of Spring Covered with Snow

Yes I am the crazy lady bundled up for winter and carrying an umbrella in the photo above. The snow was coming down so hard I was worried about ruining my camera. After I took a few photos, I tucked the umbrella under my arm and wrapped my camera in a hat.

I was dreaming a little bit about spring the past few days. It has been mild and melting.

Meeko and I went on our forest walk this morning and it was kind of sad. Not much snow, everything was brown, lots of branches on the ground from past wind storms.But as this afternoon drew to a close, the snow began to fall. I can accept the delay of springlike weather as it is absolutely gorgeous at the moment. A fairyland.

When Chloé and I went in the forest in the middle of the snowstorm, the path was absolutely transformed. Everything was clothed in clean white. No footprints except ours.  Just magical.

Some of you must be starting to know this pathway as well as I do. :)  Have a good weekend whatever weather you are currently enjoying.

*  *  *  *  *

There are some nighttime snow photos on my Facebook page. We also had lightning! Wish I'd caught that in a photo.


  1. oh wow ... such a fairyland indeed !
    I wish I could get that much snow !
    But over here, spring likes to play us tricks, and it was over 20°C the last few days ... though I know it won't last forever, and that we might have cold back even when spring season is officially here ! (does that make sense ?)
    Have a wonderful & wonderfully white & dreamy weekend !

    1. 20 degrees. Gosh, that's warm! There's always back and forth weather here in late winter and early spring too. Have a lovely warm weekend! xx

  2. It looks like wonderland. That photo of your daughter,and Meeko, you could paint that?? (red coat) I love her hat,and all the tree branches around, it's magical. The photo 2nd from bottom is beautiful, don't you need that on your wall, it looks so good! We have had more cold wind today, but it's been mild, lots of spring bulbs pushing through now :)

    1. Yes, there might be some paintings there. That seems to be so early to have spring bulbs, but England tends to be ahead of us in your growing season I think. Do you know Mary Woodin? She is an English watercolour artist who has a few books including a month by month journal of her garden. It's very lovely.


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