Monday, January 9, 2012

Isn't She Lovely?

Before Christmas my sister Nancy, who usually spends her time making beautiful jewellery, made the sweetest mouse for my Mom as part of our family's rainbow project. Isn't she adorable? (My sister too.) Mouse is knitting a rainbow scarf. Nancy talks about it on her blog here. I can only look wistfully at something like this as I didn't inherit the knitting gene in our family.

It is an odd day when I am not wearing something that Nancy made.  I wore these gorgeous jonquil vintage glass earrings through much of the holidays.

This is another pair I wear very often.  They are quite small and delicate and go with so many of my clothes, plus, as I've mentioned here before, I have a thing for hearts.

When I was visiting her over the holidays, she made me a pair of these ones as a gift (lucky me!) and I've worn them all this past week!

I own a lot of earrings and necklaces made by Nancy. I actually try not to look at her Etsy store too, too often or I would buy something each time!  I like making things out of wood and one of the projects I have had in my head for a long time is to make a big storage tray for my earrings that can fit in my dresser drawer. Maybe this year I will finally do it. :)


  1. aw, thanks Kath! I don't remember the last time I was referred to as adorable - it seems more likely to be ma'am these days - but then that would be a bit creepy to be called adorable at the grocery store. Right now, I'm sitting here doing really cute faces. ;) You have made my Monday morning!

    Thanks for starting the Rainbow Project it helped me to keep my hands busy and focus on positive thoughts.

    ...and thank you so much for being one of my biggest supporters! It has sure helped during my doubtful days.


  2. Nance--Now you're making cute faces and I'm crying! We should go on Skype! :) xoxo

  3. Oooh - just lovely! :-)

    You know, I do think there should be some similar spice mix where you live too - look where tacos or such is sold. As long as it´s lime in it, you´re good to go! :-)

    It was really yummy, BOTH my rascals loved the soup and that doesn´t happen often, haha! Most of the time one dislikes what the other likes..! :-D

  4. Tina--Yes, Nancy makes lovely things.

    I will check out the spice mix. Your soup looked great and I am definitely in soup mode these days. Family eating is complicated sometimes. One of my daughters is now vegetarian which also changes things.

  5. You are both so talented! Were your parents fairly creative when you were growing up? Any other family on Etsy we should know about ? LOL

  6. I didn't know the whole family was on ETSY !!! how talented, this mouse looks really cute, is your husband a creative seller too ? :)

  7. Jody--You are a sweetheart.:)

    My dad is a retired engineer, my mom was a school teacher and later an office manager. My dad made things out of wood including a dollhouse I wish I had kept for my girls. My mom used to sew, knit, that kind of stuff. I remember doing a lot of crafts when I was young--so we were certainly encouraged to create. No other Etsy family members...for now. :)

  8. Lucile--My husband is an accountant! We are a left brain/right brain, francophone/anglophone couple. Makes life and communication interesting sometimes. :)

  9. Ohhh she,s really lovely!!! You really seem to have a special family... that is one of the best things in life!

    You have a very talented sister!! love her earings.. specially the 3rd one!! wearing something like that must make you feel special!! :)

  10. Karin--You always write such nice comments. Sounds like you have a special family too.

    I do feel good when wearing the earrings Nancy made me. That's one of my resolutions this year--to wear my jewellery every day and maybe even some eau de parfum. It's easy to forget to do things like that when you work at home. :)

  11. ja,ja,ja... you make me laugh.. I do feel the same... those should be the same resolutions for me!! and perhaps go for a walk every day...(it,s difficult to find time for it).

    With your nice posts it is easy to write those comments!! ;)

  12. isn't it funny how we come from the same parents are raised in the same environments but each develop our own gifts and skills. Life would be very boring otherwise I think. Thank you for sharing your family gems.

  13. Margie--The differences between siblings are sometimes frustrating, always fascinating and, without a doubt, wonderful. :)


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