Thursday, January 5, 2012


I am reposting a photo I included a couple of blog posts ago as I cannot stop staring at it!  I just think it is extraordinary sometimes the shapes and forms we find in nature.  This tree trunk to me has human form.  I think of a ballet dancer doing a beautiful arabesque.  Nature as choreographer.


  1. Wow! that's very cool. I didn't notice the dancer the first time. I immediately saw wishbone which seemed appropriate after our turkey dinner.

  2. Nance--You're funny. :)

    I think that photo is a painting waiting to happen. My fingers are itchy.

  3. Ooh Lovely, I keep looking at the trees and wanting to paint them, they look so wonderful against the skyline. Diana paints these wonderful trees as part of her birdy paintings on the 'Tiny Aviary' blog. Get those fingers working, I can't just now. When I retire, Ha, I'm going to sit and paint trees, birds etc....sigh....X

  4. Julie--Sadly, the paintbrush I'm going to have in my hand mostly in the next few days is a brush for painting walls. I had a look at the Tiny Aviary blog. It's lovely.

    Amie--Isn't it beautiful?!?


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