Friday, December 23, 2011

Christmas is Near

On Wednesday night, we had this--freezing rain.
Difficult for walking and driving but pretty for photos
This morning, we woke to a blanket of snow. :)
Enough to cover the grass...finally!
And make a certain dog named Meeko very happy. He reminds me of a rabbit when he runs.
The decorations are up. This one made Meeko bark. He doesn't like change.
I went with simpler decorations this year.
A lot stayed in their boxes.
This always comes out.  Beautiful  Mexican crêche figures--a gift from my sister Nancy years ago.
Why is it that the funny little decorations tug at your heart?
I made this reindeer out of toilet paper rolls, paint and twigs
with my daughter Emma when she was three. I still love it.
A little indoor ice
And some indoor warmth

Warm wishes to everyone in their holidays preparations and celebrations. 
To all of my blog readers
near and far, 
to friends, to family--a big holiday hug.  ♥   

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