Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Studio Time

I was in my studio all day today working on two paintings.  I can only show you one of them, as the other will spoil a Christmas surprise.

I had two live models with me (no, no, not that kind of model!).  Two little violas were still alive on that lovely tangled bouquet I started working on last week.  My painting is almost finished now.  Did you notice the one upside down viola near the base of the bouquet.  I just left it that way instead of rearranging it.  It's a good reminder that things don't always need to be right side up to be beautiful.
I've taken these photos using artificial light.  The natural kind seems to be in short supply these days. It is pouring here. So much for snow.  Meeko and I got absolutely soaked on our walk this afternoon.

My desktop computer was in for repair today.  It was a good thing as that meant I wasn't tempted to sit down and work on any new prints in Photoshop. The computer will be back tonight but I'll try to walk past it and head up to the studio tomorrow. Hope you are all having a good week.


  1. such clean neat work! what paints and paper do u use?


  2. Veda--Thanks! I use mostly Winsor & Newton watercolour paint. This particular painting is on Arches 140 lb. paper. :)

  3. Your Bouquet is beatifull!! and I can,t wait for your Christmas surprise!! Have a nice week you to! :))

  4. violas always make me smile

  5. Looks lovely the new painting!Little happy faces :) The light is quite difficult to work with, I have a daylight strip light in my workroom, but I think I may need to root out the anglepoise with the daylight bulb too, as by 3 O'clock it's pretty dingy!

  6. Karin--Thanks! The surprise is for a friend but your comment made me think that maybe I should make something for my friends here too. :)

    Margie--Me too. Especially upside down ones.

    Julie--I went to write this comment and the sun broke through the clouds as if it was wanting to prove its existence. :) I have a combination work lamp (florescent and incandescent bulbs). It gives me a good circle of light to paint but it's not so great for photos.


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