Friday, November 4, 2011


With my fingers numb from the cold, I walked through my garden this morning and picked what I am sure is my last bouquet of the season.  Looking at these flowers, you might imagine my garden to be full of lush and colourful growth.  But no.  So much has died in the past week from the cold.  I was very lucky to find these valiant and beautiful survivors.

I always feel a little sad at this time of year.  Part of me goes into mourning as the annuals die and the perennials, shrubs and trees go into hibernation.  This year in particular I feel guilty that I did not look after my garden the way I normally do.  I wonder if it will forgive me.  I think it will. With a garden, there is always the promise of next year.
This year, I have had my paintbrush in my hand far more often than my garden trowel.  My computer mouse too, as my girls pointed out to me yesterday.  The past few months have been tense, intense and exhilarating as I learned how to be and became a blogger, a Photoshop operator, a digital printmaker and an Etsy shop owner.  As of this week, I even have a Facebook page for Trowel and Paintbrush. I certainly wouldn't have predicted that a year ago.

Many years ago when I left the corporate world where I worked in public affairs and communications, I chose the name 'Florescence' for my art business (initially a line of greeting and gift cards based on my watercolours).  The word 'florescence' means blossoming time and that seemed like an apt name for a business owned by someone who loves flowers so much.  Symbolically, it also fit in terms of what happened when I started concentrating on my art.  I blossomed.  Making time for my painting this year after leaving it to the side for such a long time has been transformational. I have had wonderful encouragement from family members and friends (you know who you are). It led me to my blog, the friends I have made here, my Etsy store and a lovely group of artists who have encouraged me there.  I am painting. I am writing. I am learning. I am happier. I am blossoming again. ❤


  1. Juste WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Chantal xxx

  2. Chantal--Merci! Si tu voyais mon jardin présentement, tu saurais comment ça a été un miracle de trouver un bouquet de même. Il avait des flocons de neige aujourd'hui. Et surtout, merci de ton soutien. Je l'apprécie. ❤

  3. and you are doing it with all with beauty and grace
    and we are loving it

  4. Margie--Thank you. I had tears in my eyes reading your comment. :)


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