Monday, October 3, 2011


What a change in the weather.  So dramatic. So quick.  It was so rainy and cold on the weekend.  At one point, I actually thought I saw snowflakes but I think it was just my mind playing tricks on me.  It was the kind of weather that fits with being indoors and keeping cozy.

We are lucky to have two resident bakers. What lovely smells there were in our house this weekend.  Emma made a beautiful autumnal cake with a hint of maple syrup from a recipe in Nigella Lawson's book How to be a Domestic Goddess.  She decorated it with tiny ivory sugar pearls that we bought in Paris this summer.  (There was a whole section of sugar decorations at La grande épicerie de Paris!) It was so elegant and beautiful, it could have been a wedding cake.

Chloé made brownies.  Delicious, chewy, chocolatey brownies.  She left the butter out on purpose and doubled the vanilla just to see how they would turn out. I love how they are constantly experimenting.  I enjoy eating their experiments too. :)

I worked very hard this weekend on turning my paintings into digital prints.  I've actually succeeded in printing three of the images so far.  I am so happy that I am finally making progress.  My daughters were a such a great help.  Lucky me.

I woke up very, very early this morning and realized that I was manipulating images in Photoshop in my head while I was in bed, so I might as well get up and do it for real! I have a day of work at the computer ahead of me. Then I am going to frame the prints that I've done so far and will post photos here in the next day or so. My Etsy shop is closer to being a reality. I've even ordered mailing supplies. Stay tuned. I'm going to have a special giveaway here sometime during the next week to celebrate my progress.


  1. Making prints is such a frustrating experience! I have tried for the past year to get the perfect combination of paper, ink,'s not easy! I think I've finally found something I like, but it was hard to get there :)

  2. Rebekka--I've spent hours and days and weeks on this so far. :) But I can finally say that I am proud of what I printed on the weekend.

  3. Such a beautiful (and yummy) collection of images. Those red berries are crying out to be painted!

    Love your blog moniker - I always seem to have either a trowel or paintbrush in hand as well!

    Off to look at more of your lovely blog.



  4. Cindy--Nice to meet a fellow artist & gardener! Just looked at your blog and it's inspiring. So much wonderful artwork. The berries are viburnum trilobum/highbush cranberry. It's true. They would be a beautiful subject.

  5. Une femme et deux jeunes filles remplies de talent!!Le gateau et les brownies de Chloé ont l'air délicieux!! Chantal xxx

  6. Je voulais dire le gâteau d'Emma et les brownies de Chloé! xxx

  7. Chantal--Merci beaucoup! Le gateau et les brownies étaient délicieux. Une chance que je marche beaucoup avec Meeko. :)


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