Thursday, September 15, 2011

Tiny Painting of Muscari

Here's a little painting I've been working on.  I've photographed it in my hand to give you a sense of scale.  (I think that photo makes my hand look gargantuan which it is I will give you the actual dimensions of the paper too -- it measures 2½ x 3¾ inches.)

I love working small and used to paint miniature formats exclusively.  Now I also paint bigger at times too, although 'bigger' to me is not the same 'bigger' to someone else. :)

I have also been working on my Pathway painting, adding details here and there.  I wonder if you can see the difference?

It is a grey and rainy day here, but I'm about to brave the elements, as my fluffy, four-legged friend doesn't mind any kind of weather. We're off for a rainy walk.  We may even walk along the pathway.

*  *  *  *  *

(Speaking of my canine companion, I have just discovered that, while I was writing this post, he was eating the corner of one of our sofa cushions.  I heard him chomping but thought he was working on a toy.  I most definitely need a walk now!)


  1. Around here the household item of choice to nosh is currently area rugs.

  2. froggy -- Meeko has a varied diet. He also ate the dust cover off of one of my nice gardening books this week. :)

  3. Anonymous8:01 PM EDT

    Love your work!!! So nice : )

  4. smallsweetsteps -- Thank you so much! I think your work is lovely and delicate and am happy to have discovered it during my little journey from Pinterest to Etsy to your blog today!

  5. this one, i love love it. it will be nice to have post card like that.
    Your paper is almost like washi. do you use washi paper( or canvas?

  6. Coco -- Thanks so much! This painting is on very thick 300 lb. Arches watercolour paper. I haven't tried painting on washi paper but I know the Japanese Paper Place (Nancy Jacobi used to buy my greeting cards many years ago). I hope to print some images and sell them on Etsy in the near future.


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