Monday, September 12, 2011

Painting of a Pathway

Here's the most recent painting that I have been working on. It's of a pathway I walk on quite regularly with my dog Meeko. It is based on one of the photos I took last week. There were impossibly wispy cloud formations that day. It felt like a bit of a jigsaw puzzle trying to convey them with paint.

The good news is that my family immediately recognized the subject of my painting.  They knew exactly where it was.

Here's another view:

Here are the paintings from the past week grouped together. I don't usually sign them until I know definitely that they are finished. As you can see, I'm still thinking. So is Mr. Wise Owl.

I'm finding it a little more difficult than I imagined to post pictures of my paintings in my blog.  It feels a bit like when I've taken painting classes in the past and we all had to put our pictures up at the front of the room for a class critique, except in this case I'm never really sure who my classmates are. :)  I have butterflies in my stomach each time.

*  *  *  *  *

I really want to thank all who have discovered my blog. I appreciate you coming here. Thanks especially to those who have taken the time to write a comment. It's been just over a month since I started my blog and it's been good for me in so many ways.


  1. I know the feeling you get when posting your work. I didn't go to art school and i only really dabble (that's even a stretch) in watercolors. I keep reminding myself that I do it for the satisfaction and that there are all levels out there. we are all growing.

  2. oh! very nice. I love the reflection of the inukshuk in the water and the clouds and the shadows of the trees in The Path. I can really sense happiness in these works.

  3. Holly -- Nice to know that someone understands. :) I think it's the big wide openness and anonymity of the internet that I find a little unnerving, but butterflies in the stomach aren't a bad thing. They are associated with new challenges. And I like your point about concentrating on the satisfaction you derive from your artwork.

    Nance -- Aw, thanks for the nice comments! I AM happy to be painting these days--even though some days I'm happier with my results than others. I'm working on the clouds of the Pathway painting a bit more today--some shadowing and softening of edges. I like the way the inuksuk turned out (you say inukshuk, I say inuksuk...sing along!). I imagine that he is saying 'Whoa' as he admires the landscape in front of him. :)

  4. i love your sense of sky and water
    it rings true with me

  5. Margie -- Thank you! That means a lot to me.


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