Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Trowel & Paintbrush & Power Tool

On occasion in the past few years, when I wasn't picking up my paintbrush as often as I should have and my garden wasn't needing me, I have turned to projects within the house. My birthday and Christmas wish lists have often included a power tool or two.

One of the biggest projects I ever tackled was making a headboard for my eldest daughter. It was a lot of work but it really turned out to be something I am proud of. It is made of solid wood and measures about six feet tall. Inset on its front are gorgeous fabric panels trimmed with beads and shells. (The panels were actually sold as table runners.) I installed a lamp that's perfect for reading at its top.

The headboard is front of mind these days as it is about to enter a new phase of its life. It has been in Emma's room for six years now and she is ready for a change, both in colours and in furniture. The most obvious choice is to move it to her younger sister's room but that will mean repainting it and also changing the fabric panels. My daughters' colour choices, just like their personalities, are completely different.

It was initially hard to thinking of transforming the headboard, but I am coming around to it more and more. It's had a good life and can be cherished for a few more years with a slightly different exterior. My thought at the moment is to replace the shell panel with something softer and cushier. Emma has told me that the shell panels, while beautiful, were not always a comfortable surface when reading in bed.

Being ready to adapt furniture, even handmade, is part of the larger process we are going through in our house.  It's about accepting and embracing change as our daughters grow and evolve.


  1. All three children here got to re-do their rooms when entering teenage years. Due to The Great Flood Eldest's room is being repainted. Interestingly the workmen automatically pegged his room due to the deep under the sea green it was painted.

  2. Hi Froggy - It's interesting how colour can be a clue to both personality and age sometimes. My daughter is 16 now and wants a much paler, more elegant palette to suit the person she is now. :)


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